Sky Broadband and Bundle Deals – Everything you Need to Know

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The UK offers consumers many options in terms of broadband providers which leads us to the question; What does Sky Broadband have to offer? Sky currently provides their consumers with great broadbands deals available at different ranges of speed that can even be bundled with your TV and phone plan. These competitive deals have allowed them to remain relevant in the dynamic market that broadband is proving that they are broadband provider to consider.
Last update: November 2022

This article goes through the ins and outs of Sky in order to help you discover if Sky could be the broadband provider for you. This covers everything from Sky broadband deals and bundles to Sky customer service and more.


Why choose Sky Broadband?

A household name in the UK, synonymous with TV, Telephone and now broadband, Sky has long had a considerable presence in the Telecommunications sector. The brand has been made famous by Sky Sports, Sky News, Sky Movies and Sky GO. With further new ventures such as Sky Mobile, Sky broadband and a number of offers across each area for business. Having been in the telecoms industry since 1900s has allowed the brand to fostered a sense of trust within UK, and their bundle deals are highly competitive making them a provider to consider for your household´s broadband.

What does Sky broadband offer?

Sky has a few tricks up their sleeve that enables them to differentiate themselves from other competitors like BT and Virgin Media. The following list pertains to the key features that Sky as a company can offer in terms of their broadband services that not a lot of other providers can offer.

  • Bundled TV, broadband, phone and mobile deals in one plan with a single monthly fee
  • Extra features that you can add or remove on a flexible basis allowing you to personalize your plan
  • Access to award-winning Sky Q set-top box with their TV plans at a cheaper cost
  • Exclusive tv and movie content content from the US with their Sky Atlantic
  • On Demand options with over 500 Sky box sets, Netflix and Disney Plus
  • The ability to access TV anywhere with their Sky Go app
  • They offer 18-month contracts

Sky Broadband pros and cons

Let´s take a look at the pros and cons of Sky broadband in order to get a general overview of their services before getting into their deals.

  • Large range of TV channels to choose from
  • Sky Q and Sky Glass are highly rated
  • Broadband speeds that are adaptable to most households
  • Ability to save money and receive discounts/bonuses with Sky bundles
  • The Sky router is very well rated

  • Their TV packages and bundles aren´t exactly cheap, especially if you take a few add-ons
  • Other providers offer cheaper broadband prices for the relatively same speeds
  • Other providers offer faster broadband speeds

Sky Broadband Deals

The brand offers competitive average speeds for both their standard and fibre service with unlimited monthly data usage. However, once again their real selling point is their bundle TV deals. While certainly not cheap, Sky TV offers a variety of different good quality channels that competing broadband providers have a hard time matching.

What Broadband Deals does Sky offer?

Sky broadband offers broadband, tv, and phone services that can also be combined into great bundle deals. The only catch is that most of their broadband deals come with a landline which means that getting a broadband-only deal from them can be hard, but not impossible.

Sky broadband-only deals

Sky like most UK providers offers their own broadband services. However, in terms of broadband-only services, these are harder to find with Sky as most of their broadband packages come with a landline in which you would be charged if used (pay as you go calls). If you really want a broadband-only deal and don´t mind paying a bit more, Sky offers ultrafast full fibre which is the one circumstances that would enable you to get a broadband-only deal.

Sky Broadband-Only
Sky logo Speed Monthly allowance Contract Price
Sky Ultrafast Broadband-only 145 Mbps Unlimited data usage 18 months £32

Sky TV and broadband

The easiest way to bundle with Sky and get a good deal is to select one of their broadband/TV combinations. The Ultrafast TV Deal for £43 per month is one such example, where Netflix is included for free but you also get 59 mb/s quoted as the download speed on the internet. All the deals seen below have a setup fee of £49, are on a 18 month contract and have a one time processing fee of £25.95

Sky Broadband Tv Bundles
Package TV Broadband Mobile Price
Brilliant Sky Q & Superfast Broadband Sky TV & Essentials Sky Broadband Superfast 35 Mbps Sky Pay as You Talk £30
Sky Q, Sky TV, Netflix & Superfast Broadband Unlimited Netflix shows &
Sky Signature TV
Sky Broadband Superfast 35 Mbps Sky Pay as You Talk £43
Sky Q, Sky TV, Netflix & Ultrafast Broadband Unlimited Netflix shows & Sky Signature TV Sky Broadband Ultrafast 145 Mbps Sky Pay as You Talk £50

Prices accurate as of 27/04/2022

Sky TV, phone and broadband

Sky is arguably the best in the market for bundles. They were the pioneers in the UK market for bundling TV, landline, broadband and mobile phone contracts into one package. While other big players in the broadband industry followed suit with bundling, Sky remains a compelling choice as a broadband provider.Their higher-end offers will typically include Sky TV, Sky Broadband, Sky Sports and Sky Pay as you talk. The sweet spot may be to opt for a lower-end plan and add a few additional add ons such as Sky Cinema for £11 per month. This enables you to personalize your package and really make it your own. However, keep in mind that the bill can add up if you overindulge in add ons and remember it’s worth getting a decent speed so you have good broadband coverage before upgrading to anything else.

Package Broadband speed Phone TV package Contract Price
Sky Broadband Superfast with Sky TV packages 59 Mbps with unlimited downloads Pay as you go
  • Sky TV
  • Netflix
  • Sky Sports
  • TV apps & over 500 Box Sets
18 months £46
Sky Broadband Superfast 35 with Sky TV + Netflix 36 Mbps with unlimited downloads Pay as you go
  • Sky TV
  • Netflix
  • TV apps
  • over 500 Box Sets
18 months £26
Sky Broadband Superfast 35 Sky TV packages + Netflix 36 Mbps with unlimited downloads Pay as you go
  • Sky TV
  • Netflix
  • Sky Cinema
  • TV apps
  • over 500 Box Sets
18 months £38
Sky Broadband Superfast Sky TV packages + Netflix 59 Mbps with unlimited downloads Pay as you go
  • Sky TV
  • Netflix
  • Sky Sports
  • Sky Cinema
  • TV apps
  • over 500 Box Sets
18 months £56

Prices accurate as of 27/04/2022

Sky Broadband channel add ons

Sky TV packages are flexible in the sense that you can add and remove different channels from your plan monthly. Here are some of the channels that are available for add ons at an additional fee:

Channel Description Additional Monthy Cost
Sky Sports Gets you the full suite of Sky Sports channels £20
Sky Cinema Entitles you to 12 movie channels and hundreds of movies to watch on demand £12
Sky Kids Includes11 live children’s TV channels £6
Sky HD 40+ extra HD channels £12
BT Sports All BT Sport channels, with 52 live Premier League games per season £28
HD and Ultra HD Upgrades select channels to HD and Ultra HD £12
Multiscreeen Let´s you watch Sky TV on separate TVs around the home simultaneously £15
Disney+ Includes movies and TV shows from Marvel, as well as Star Wars and Pixar £7.99

What are Sky Broadband´s most popular deals?

While Sky might not be the cheapest provider, the quality of their services is a common theme throughout their services which make it worth the extra few pounds. Additionally, if you chose to bundle your deals, it can be more cost efficient in the long run as opposed to having different providers for all your internet services. Let´s take a look at some of the most popular broadband deals that Sky has to offer.

Sky´s Most Popular Broadband Deals
Package Broadband Speed Contract Length Monthly Price
Sky Broadband Superfast 59Mb average 18 months £26 per month
Sky Broadband Ultrafast 145Mb average 18 months £32 per month
Sky Sky TV Essentials + Superfast Broadband 59Mb average 18 months £30 per month
Sky Superfast 35 36Mb average 18 months £25 per month
Sky TV + Netflix 36Mb average 18 months £26 per month
Sky TV + Broadband Superfast + Netflix 59Mb average 18 months £26 per month
Sky TV + Broadband Superfast 35 + Netflix 36Mb average 18 months £26 per month
Sky Broadband Essential Plus 11Mb average 18 months £30 per month
Sky Sky Q Lite + Superfast 35 Broadband 36Mb average 18 months £30 per month
Sky Broadband Superfast + Anytime Extra Calls 59Mb average 18 months £38 per month

Prices accurate as of 27/04/2022

Sky Broadband Speeds

Sky offers 5 different types of broadband speeds. With these 5 different variety of speeds, you´re sure to find a speed package that suits your household´s online usage needs.

What fibre speeds does Sky broadband offer

Sky offers a variety of Broadband speeds that can suit the diverse needs of most households in the UK. Unfortunately, that doesn´t necessarily mean that all of these different speeds will be available to your location.

  • Broadband Essential – this broadband package comes with speeds of 11Mbps and is ideal for individuals households who are on a budget and have low internet usage.
  • Broadband Superfast 35 – the newest Sky broadband package, with average speeds of 36Mbps and uploads of around 9Mbps. Great option if you´re on a budget in a two person household with moderate internet usage.
  • Broadband Superfast – the most subscribed fibre broadband package. Average speeds of 59Mbps as well as unlimited monthly usage. This deal enables you to bundle your tv and phone subscriptions for additional cost making it a diverse offer that can suit the needs of a variety of households, such as a four person family
  • Broadband Ultrafast – is a ultrafast broadband package at 145Mbps. Ideal for those uploading large content, streaming and online gaming. However, this package may not be available in your area, as it´s currently only rolled out in 32% of the UK.
  • Broadband Ultrafast Plus – the fastest broadband package that Sky provides with speeds of 500Mbps. If you´re looking for extremely fast internet, or are in a household with a large number of people and don´t mind paying the extra cost, this might be ideal for you.

Sky Broadband Speeds
Broadband Package Download Speed Upload Speed
Broadband Essential 11Mbps 0.8Mbps
Broadband Superfast 35 36Mbps 9Mbps
Broadband Superfast 59Mbps 9Mbps
Broadband Ultrafast 145Mbps 27Mbps
Broadband Ultrafast Plus 500Mbps 60Mbps
Broadband Gigafast 900Mbps 100Mbps

Prices accurate as of 27/04/2022

What speed is Sky Broadband in my area?

More than 96% of the UK has access to Sky’s superfast fibre broadband, but there may still be some locations where this isn’t available. Exact speeds will also differ depending on a user’s location, with a variety of factors contributing to the specific performance for a home. The best way to determine Sky’s broadband speed in your area is to use Sky´s postal code checker to find out what broadband packages are available near you.

See Sky’s offers to find the best broadband deal for you.

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Sky Broadband customer service

Percentage of satisfaction consumers have with sky customer serviceLooking to contact a provider for customer service can be a hassle. Luckily there are multiple ways that you can contact Sky´s customer service team if you require assistance with Sky Broadband. Overall, Ofcom´s figures show that Sky has a pretty good customer service reputation.

Does Sky have good reviews?

Their presence on Trustpilot is unclear, because there are reviews for both and websites. However, it does demonstrate that the domain has been claimed by the company. Nevertheless, both of them have low ratings. Interestingly, on their rating is three stars out of five for customer service.

Professional customer service from Sky. Our Sky + box packed-in over the weekend, and so we called their customer services for help. Although the first call-out failed to show up as he couldn’t find our house, Sky promptly re-arranged a re-show and also credited the account for the inconvenience. When the engineer showed the next day, be promptly replaced the box and was done in 15 mins.
Although not the smoothest of resolutions, Sky’s response was spot on, especially the staff within the UK call centres who were extremely helpful.

– Patty Brown

Worst Broadband Ever! If you work remotely don’t use them! The TV package is fair and can be negotiated down to a reasonable price in my opinion. The reason I’m writing is regarding their horrific customer service when it comes to their broadband. If you work from home avoid avoid avoid! Sky broadband has the worst most inconsistent broadband I have ever used! Whenever you try to get support you are dismissed and told they cannot see anything on their side. After years of poor quality, inconsistent and pricy internet I have decided to finally move to BT.
– Travis Grishem

What do the good reviews tell us?

In a recent Ofcom study, Sky were found to be above average in all areas when it comes to customer service and had a call waiting time of 3m 21s, which is pretty good for a major telcom company. They also had just 23 complaints per 100,000 customers and an overall satisfaction score of 86%, which represents one of the highest scores in the market.
Good reviews from customers tend to mention good prices, consistent customer service and response to technical issues. The main resurfacing quality of Sky is its prioritisation of customer equity demonstrated by its willingness to retain customers with good prices and deals.

What do the bad reviews tell us

In general, the negative feedback on Trustpilot and other broadband websites in regards to Sky services relates to:

  • Technical issue
  • Customer service

Overall this is not uncommon in the Telecom sector and in the Ofcom study of May 2021, the findings can confirm this statement. Sky also has the disadvantage of working closely with Openreach and relying on their infrastructure, so fixes to technical problems are sometimes out of Sky´s control.

How to contact Sky Broadband customer service?

Calling or contacting Sky about broadband is also quite straightforward in an era when speaking to a human being has become harder and harder to find. When you check Sky´s contact page they will push you towards their online guides, FAQs and automated options.
However, if you keep pressing further forward you will find a vast number of questions answered on their online help tools. Unfortunately, finding a telephone number is less easy. The best way is to keep clicking through the options until you are given a number, which does thankfully appear. If you sign in you can also use live chat or email to a Sky Advisor.

  • Sky´s current contact number is 03337591877
  • You can write to them at – Customer Complaints, Sky Subscriber Services Ltd, PO Box 43, Livingston, EH54 7DD
  • Send a livechat message from this contact webpage
  • Send them an email at
  • Sky has also made a community blog, where follow sky users can post their problems and seek help from other users who had similar problems.

How to make a complaint to Sky Broadband?

Sky is confident that if you follow their online tool, you will not need to take your complaint further. Stating that 90% of their customers get the issue resolved online because they follow the advice shown there. If you need to go further than that, you can click through the complaint options and will eventually have the choice of calling, live chatting or emailing for the issue. Sky then states that they will provide a suitable response and a resolution will be made after having checked the facts, looking further into the situation to thus form a decision. It may happen that while you´re on the line for chat or call, they will contact you back with a resolution.

Sky accepts that there are situations where a complaint will need to be taken higher and say that they will escalate the issue as long as you inform them you are unwilling to accept their initial outcome. If all else fails and Sky issues a deadlock letter because you continue to dispute the final resolution. This will only be issued after 8 weeks of the complaint being open, or in a situation where you reject Sky´s final resolution. Once you have a deadlock letter, you can contact Communications and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme (CISAS). As a consumer in the UK, you have the right to put the complaint forward with CISAS for a review, where they will then agree to a new resolution.

The risk

This resolution may be the same, better for you or even more in Sky´s favour. So be warned that sometimes the independent decision can be less than favourable, especially if Sky were trying to resolve your complaint in a generous way.

How to cancel my Sky Broadband?

In order to cancel your broadban plan with Sky you will have to contact them directly, as stated on their website.

You have 4 way to contact Sky to cancel your broadband:

  1. Call a Sky expert – 03337591422
  2. Message a Sky expert – In order to send a message, you´ll have to sign into your sky account through this link to access the messaging chat to cancel your subscription.
  3. Subit a form – Sign into your Sky account with this link and fill an online form with your details to submit to Sky and they will get back to you.
  4. Email a Sky expert –

Legally, UK residents are able to cancel their broadband package within 14 days of the sale without having to pay any early exit fees. However, Sky has a 31-day cooling period, in which if you decide to cancel within 31 days of starting your contract you won´t have to pay any early exit fees. Other factors that could come to play in determining whether or not you must pay an early exit fee consist of:

Brandband cancelation factors
Cancellation reason Will I be charged an Early Exit Fee?
Within 31 days of sale No, Sky has a 31 day cooling off period
Service and connection complaint Possibly, your provider will more likely offer compensation and resolve the issue
I found a cheap deal elsewhere but have 6 months left on my contract Yes, without exception
I have received terrible customer service and want to leave Possibly, if you complain, you still be given a resolution that is probably not going to be leaving for free. Only if there is a ruling from the Ombudsman for you to leave for free in this case
The speed is slower than quoted and it cannot be fixed No, if your provider is a member of the Ofcom voluntary code you will not be charged an ETF

Getting broadband from Sky is easy!
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💪 What is a Sky Broadband Boost?

Sky broadband boost comes with extra features such as:

  • WiFi Guarantee - if you experience speeds slower than 3Mbps, you'll get the money refunded your Boost subscription.
  • Tech Support - You'll be able to arrange engineer visits on evenings and weekends at no extra cost.
  • Speed checks - Sky will conduct daily speed checks on your line and fix any rising issues before you have time to even notice.
  • Sky Broadband Buddy app - Acces to an app that helps you control children´s screen time.
  • 2GB backup - You'll receive a 2GB on your Sky Mobile package if your broadband fails to work.
  • Upgraded router - Sky will upgrade you to the latest router if you don´t already have it.

📶 What is the fastest Sky broadband plan?

Sky´s fastest plan at the time of writing comes with a 900mb/s download speed for £55 with an 18-month contract and a setup fee of £19.95. The plan caters to gamers and competes with the big broadband players fastest broadband plans.

🔁 How to reset Sky broadband?

Unplug the router and wait for 30 seconds before plugging it back in. You can also press the reboot button on the back. It'll take a couple of minutes for your router to start working again after the rebooting process.

💨 How to check sky broadband speed

In order to check your broadband speed you´ll need to login into your account to get direct access to their speed checker speed checker.

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