Shell Energy Broadband Deals & Packages in 2022

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The Shell name is well-known to drivers. You may even rely on them for your energy as well as your fuel. But did you know that Shell Energy is also a presence in the UK broadband market?
Last update: November 2022

Shell Energy Broadband offers a range of ADSL and fibre broadband packages at reasonable prices, with speeds of up to 63 Mbps. They also offer exclusive rewards, and budget-friendly call packages. But is Shell Energy Broadband the right Internet Service Provider for your household? In this post, we’ll look at how this provider performs in all the areas that matter the most to you.

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Comparing the broadband packages and deals of Shell Energy Broadband

Shell Energy Broadband has an impressive range of packages and deals(as you’d expect from an ISP of its size). At the time of writing, some of these are offered at special promotional prices.

What are Shell Energy Broadband’s broadband packages?

Here we’ll look at the different broadband packages available from Shell Energy Broadband. These encompass a full range of connection types and speeds from fast ADSL packages to superfast Fibre To The Cabinet packages and new ultrafast Fibre To The Premises packages.
All of Shell Energy Broadband’s packages include:

  • Unlimited usage
  • No activation charges
  • Line rental and router included
  • No end-of-contract price rises
  • Exclusive discounts for Shell Energy customers
  • Exclusive rewards for members of the Shell GO rewards program

As a special bonus, Shell Energy is also currently offering 12 months of Norton 360 at no extra cost.

Fast Broadband

This is the standard broadband package for customers who can only get an ADSL connection. In terms of price and performance, it’s very similar to most ADSL broadband offerings. For a special promotional price of £20.99 per month, you get:

  • Average download speeds of 11 Mbps
  • Average upload speeds of 1 Mbps
  • 18 month contract
  • 12 months of Norton 360
  • £21.99 per month after contract ends
  • Existing Shell Energy customers will get a £3 discount per month

Superfast Fibre Broadband

This is the entry-level fibre broadband package offered by Shell Energy Broadband. It offers a Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) connection. As such, you may find that your speeds are inconsistent at peak times as other users in the cabinet jump on the same connection.
For a special promotional price of £27.99 per month, you get:

  • Average download speeds of 35 Mbps
  • Average upload speeds of 9 Mbps
  • 18 month contract
  • 12 months of Norton 360
  • £30.99 per month after contract ends

Superfast Fibre Broadband Plus

This is the fastest Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) broadband option available. This offers the fastest speeds that most households will be able to get with Shell Energy Broadband.
For £35.99 per month, you get:

  • Average download speeds of 63 Mbps
  • Average upload speeds of 17 Mbps
  • 18 month contract
  • 12 months of Norton 360
  • Existing Shell Energy customers will get an £8 discount per month

    Ultrafast Fibre

Shell Energy now offers ultrafast full-fibre broadband. This requires a Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) direct connection to your home. This means that your connection is not shared by others in the exchange, meaning that you get much faster speeds and a more stable and consistent connection. However, only around 14% of UK households are able to get this kind of connection so it’s important to check that ultrafast fibre is available in your area.
Shell Energy Broadband’s ultrafast package offers speeds of up to 140 Mbps. This should be more than adequate for streaming in 4K UHD, online gaming and uploading or downloading large files.
For £39.99 per month you get:

  • Free optimised installation
  • Average download speeds of 140 Mbps
  • Average upload speeds of 25 Mbps
  • 18 month contract
  • 12 months of Norton 360

Ultrafast Fibre Plus

This is Shell Energy Broadband’s fastest fibre package with speeds of up to 290 Mbps. This should be more than enough for even the largest households and the heaviest users. You can have multiple devices streaming or live streaming, downloading large files or video conferencing without interruptions in service.
For £44.99 per month you get:

  • Free optimised installation
  • Average download speeds of 290 Mbps
  • Average upload speeds of 45 Mbps
  • 18 month contract
  • 12 months of Norton 360

What hardware does Shell Energy Broadband offer to new customers?

Previously, Shell Energy customers got a Technicolor TG588V V2 router. The same kind that was given out by First Utility (which Shell Energy acquired in 2018). And while these are still distributed among ADSL broadband customers, for whom they’re perfectly adequate, they’re no longer given out to fibre broadband customers.
Shell Energy’s fibre broadband packages come with a premium Technicolour DWA0120 router. This is a dual-band router, meaning that it automatically switched your wifi between two bands to the best signal to all of your devices no matter where you are in your home. It also has 3 internal antennae to increase your home’s WiFi coverage as well as 4 gigabit network ports which we recommend for the fastest possible connection. It doesn’t stack up quite as well as BT’s Smart Hub or Virgin Media’s Hub 4, but it should be perfectly adequate for all but the largest and oldest properties.

Does Shell Energy Broadband offer TV packages?

Unfortunately, no. Unlike other larger ISPs, Shell Energy does not offer TV packages to complement its broadband offerings.

Free service

Comparing the phone packages and deals of Shell Energy Broadband

Although Shell Energy Broadband’s offering does not include TV packages, it does include phone packages. If you opt for a FTTC package, your plan will include a line rental from Openreach. So, if you need to rent the line anyway, you might as well get some cheap calls out of it, right?
Shell Energy Broadband’s call packages and charges are detailed below.


By default Shell Energy’s broadband packages have no inclusive calls. All calls charged on a Pay As You Go basis. Calls to UK landlines and standard mobiles are charged at 15p per minute plus a 25p connection fee per call. Standard mobile numbers are those that use FM02, FM09, FM10, FM11, FM13, FM14, FM15, FM16 and FM17 charge bands. Calls to non-standard mobile numbers are charged at 20p per minute.

Evening & Weekend / Evening & Weekend Plus

The Evening and Weekend Package is charged at £4 per month. It features inclusive evening and weekend calls to all UK landlines with area codes starting with 01, 02 or 03 numbers.
The Evening & Weekend Plus package is the same as above but also includes calls to standard UK mobiles, for an extra £1 per month.

Anytime / Anytime Plus

As the name suggests, this package offers unlimited calls to any UK landline with area codes starting with 01, 02 or 03 numbers. The Anytime Plus package offers the same with the addition of unlimited calls to standard mobiles.
Since both packages are priced at £9 per month, Anytime Plus is a no-brainer.

International Package

The international package is an add-on for the Evening & Weekend or Anytime call packages. For an additional £6 per month, customers get 600 inclusive anytime minutes to landlines in 45 overseas destinations. They also get a 75% discount on calls to mobile numbers in those 45 destinations.
The destinations included are as follows:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Azores
  • Bahamas
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Canary Islands
  • Croatia
  • China
  • Cyprus (South)
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Eire
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Gibraltar
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • India
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Luxembourg
  • Madeira
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Pakistan
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • San Marino
  • Romania
  • Singapore
  • Slovenia
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • USA

Shell Energy Broadband area coverage and speed analysis

As we can see Shell Energy has some appealing broadband options. Especially if you already use Shell for your home’s energy supply and for fueling your vehicle. But do they have the availability to get you connected? And how do their broadband speeds stack up against other, similarly-sized companies.
Let’s take a look…

Shell Energy Broadband area coverage

Like many ISPs, most of Shell Broadband’s offerings connect via the Openreach network formerly owned by British Telecom. As such, you should be able to get Shell Energy Broadband in most UK households.
96% of UK households have access to a fibre connection, so there’s an excellent chance that you can get a Shell Energy Broadband fibre connection where you are. Keep in mind, however, that space in the cabinet is finite, and if lots of people in your area have fibre broadband, there may not be room in the cabinet for a new connection.
What’s more, if you want the fastest packages offered by Shell Energy Broadband, you’ll need a direct Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) connection. At the time of writing, this is only available in around 14% of the country.

Couple watching tv together while sitting on the couch

Shell Energy Broadband speeds

Shell Energy Broadband’s offerings run the full gamut of broadband speeds from fast ADSL to ultrafast full-fibre. But how do their speeds compare to companies of similar sizes.
You can see a comparison of average speeds in the table below:

Shell Energy BT Sky TalkTalk Virgin Media
ADSL download speed 11Mb 10Mb 11Mb 11Mb N/A
ADSL upload speed 1Mb 1Mb 1Mb 1Mb N/A
Fibre download speed 35Mb / 63Mb 36Mb / 50Mb / 67Mb 59Mb 38Mb / 67Mb 54Mb / 108Mb / 213Mb / 362Mb / 516Mb
Fibre upload speed 9.5Mb / 19Mb 9.5Mb / 19.5Mb 19Mb 9.5Mb / 19Mb 5Mb / 10Mb / 20Mb / 36Mb
Full-fibre download speed 140Mb / 290Mb 100Mb/ 300Mb/ 900Mb 145Mb 147Mb / 290Mb 108Mb / 213Mb / 362Mb / 516Mb /1120Mb
Full-fibre upload speed 25Mb / 45Mb 28Mb / 50Mb / 110Mb 27Mb 25Mb / 50Mb 10Mb/ 20Mb/ 36Mb/ 36Mb/ 110Mb

Shell Energy Broadband broadband reviews: Is Shell Energy Broadband any good?

Shell Energy Broadband have an impressive range of tariffs to suit the needs of the vast majority of households. But at SwitchBox, we understand that fast speeds are only one piece of the puzzle when choosing a provider.
You want to know that the lived experiences of real customers match the claims made by the provider on their website. Looking at the ISP’s Trustpilot page can provide a useful measure of customer sentiment.
At the time of writing, Shell Energy’s Trustpilot page has an aggregate customer score of 3.9 out of 5 which makes them a “Great” provider. However, there is a caveat here. Because the page encompasses both Shell Energy’s broadband and home utility offerings, broadband reviews are lumped in with gas and electricity reviews.
Fortunately, you can search reviews by keywords including “broadband”, “speed”, “connection” etc. to see how customers rate the provider. The page currently has 49,710 customer reviews.
Of these:

  • 23,880 (48%) were “Excellent”
  • 11,363 (23%) were “Great”
  • 4,649 (9%) were “Average”
  • 2,582 (5%) were “Poor”
  • 7,236 (15%) were “Bad”

What’s good about Shell Energy Broadband?

Shell Energy Broadband’s positive reviews mention ease of setup with fast and hassle-free installations. Positive reviews also cite good quality customer service. Many reviewers mention consistent speeds and a reliable connection at fair prices. There are also references to fast and easy issue resolution booth over the phone and when engineers needed to be dispatched.

What’s bad about Shell Energy Broadband?

Although a 71% majority of Shell Energy’s reviewers rate them as above average, there are nonetheless some negative reviews that also need to be factored in to make an informed decision.
Negative reviews focus on issues being frustrated with speed and performance, as well as broadband speeds not being as advertised. Please note that under Ofcom rules, you can exit your contract without charges if your speeds consistently do not match what you have been sold.
Other negative reviews mention long waits for an installation, or to get through to a member of staff. Some also mention feeling dismissed or “fobbed off” by customer service staff. Issued with billing and a lack of clarity when setting up a new contract were also mentioned.

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How to contact Shell Energy Broadband?

An ISP’s speeds and prices are certainly important. But you also need to know that they’ll be able to deliver the customer service you need. At the very least this means being able to get in touch with them quickly and easily when you have a question, want to upgrade your package, or need tech support.
So, how easy is it to get in touch with Switch Energy?

Contact Shell Energy Broadband by phone

If you want to speak to a broadband customer service representative over the phone, the number to call is 0330 094 5801. On average, it takes just over 4 minutes to get through to a member of staff.

Contact Shell Energy Broadband online

If you’d rather contact Shell Energy Broadband online, there are a number of ways to get answers to your questions. There’s a virtual assistant / chatbot that can provide answers to simple questions. You can also fill out a contact form on the provider’s website or contact them directly via social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. If you prefer to contact them by email, the address is

How do I cancel my deal?

If you wish to cancel your Shell Energy Broadband deal, you can do so via email or over the phone. However, if you are still within your contract, you will be liable for a £12 one of “cease charge”. You will also have to pay a monthly early termination charge for every month remaining on your contract.
These are detailed in the table below:

Charge Description Monthly Early Termination Charge
Fast broadband Early Termination Charge £6.50
Superfast Fibre Early Termination Charge £16.50
Superfast Fibre Plus Early Termination Charge £18.50
Ultrafast Fibre Early Termination Charge £18.50
Ultrafast Fibre Plus Early Termination Charge £18.50

Verdict: is it worth signing up to Shell Energy Broadband?

With an eclectic selection of broadband plans and speeds at reasonable prices, Shell Energy Broadband is well worth considering for many households. Especially those who already use Shell Energy for their gas and electricity, and are eligible for an exclusive discount.
If you think Shell Energy Broadband might be the provider for you, don’t switch providers without contacting the Broadband Plans team first! We can help you find the perfect plan for your needs and even manage your switch to get you better broadband hassle-free.

Call us today on 0330 818 6395 to find out more!

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Do you need a landline for Shell Energy Broadband?

Most of Shell Energy’s Broadband plans will require you to rent a line from Openreach. The only exception to this is their ultrafast plans. This is because they require a full-fibre connection directly to your home.

What is the Shell Energy Broadband cancellation fee?

Shell Energy Broadband charges a flat “cease charge” of £12 <em>plus</em> an additional charge of up to £18.50 for every month remaining on your contract.

When does my Shell Energy Broadband contract end?

All of Shell Energy Broadband contracts end after 18 months. They are legally required to provide you with an End of Contract Notification when your contract is drawing to a close. This may come in the post, via email or even in a text message. After this, you can switch providers without charges. 

Can I get Shell Energy Broadband in my area?

Shell Energy Broadband uses the same Openreach network as most other broadband providers. So there’s an excellent chance that you’ll be able to get a fibre broadband connection or at the very least an ADSL connection with Shell. The only caveat is that 86% of UK households do not yet have access to the full-fibre connection necessary to take advantage of their ultrafast deals. 

Updated on 14 Oct, 2022

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