What are the best broadband, TV and phone deals?

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Combined broadband, TV and phone deals allow you to get three of your essential services from a single provider. This can help you to save money on your monthly bills and reduce the amount of admin you need to take care of. Getting all three services from one company can also give you access to a range of exclusive deals, allowing you to create the home media system that suits your household perfectly. Combined broadband, TV and phone deals start from around £26 per month. If you want a faster internet connection or larger choice of channels, you could pay up to £75 per month.
Last update: November 2022

To help you find the package that’s right for you, we’re taking a look at the various deals available, how to compare suppliers and how to switch your broadband, TV and phone to a new provider. This will help you see the broad landscape of broadband deals available so you can make the best choice for your home.

Which suppliers offer the best broadband, TV and phone deals?

In most cases, households are required to have a landline in place before fixed broadband is installed. As a result, these two utilities fit together very neatly and a number of providers offer deals that combine internet and phone services.
Some of the most popular suppliers currently offering broadband and phone deals include:

Deciding which supplier offers the best deal for you will come down to your requirements, priorities and budget.

If you want to keep your monthly outgoings to a minimum, the most affordable deal will probably be the best option for your household. If you have a house full of teenagers, like to download HD movies or live in a flatshare, you’ll probably want to opt for a deal that gives you guaranteed access to superfast internet. Whereas if you like to stream films, watch live sports events and enjoy a wide choice of entertainment options, a package with a large number of TV channels may be best suited to your needs.

Broadband, TV and phone deals including line rental

Because most broadband, TV and phone deals require you to have a landline in place, you’ll generally end up paying line rental on top of your monthly internet, TV and phone payments. This will add an extra expense to your entertainment package.
A good way to avoid this is to opt for a package that has line rental included in the total cost. Sky currently offers a number of deals that include line rental. These packages start from around £35 per month and go right up to £90. With line rental often costing up to £20, the cheaper Sky deals could well save you money.

What are the cheapest broadband, TV and phone deals?

Because the cost of broadband, TV and phone deals varies across the country, it’s hard to say for certain which option will be cheapest for your household.
In general, Plusnet offers some of the best value broadband, TV and phone packages. The Sheffield-based company prides itself on a simple, no-nonsense approach and has won a range of awards for its customer service. Plusnet broadband, TV and phone bundles start from around £27 per month.
Another low-cost broadband, TV and phone provider is Now Broadband. The supplier offers average download speeds of around 63Mbps and a good choice of TV channels. Deals start from around £31 per month.

Supplier Monthly cost
TalkTalk £26
Virgin £33
Plusnet From £27 per month
Now Broadband From £31 per month

Can I get a broadband and TV deal without a phone line?

If you’re mostly interested in internet and TV services, it’s easy to find bundles that come without a phone line included. These are often slightly cheaper than deals that offer all three services.
However, as you’ll need to pay line rental regardless of whether or not you actually use your phone, you probably won’t save a huge amount of money by forgoing a landline.
If you want to avoid paying line rental, you’ll need to choose a cable service like those offered by Virgin Media. Some full fibre broadband services are also available without line rental.

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Comparing broadband, TV and phone deals

The best way to find the broadband, TV and phone deal that’s right for your home is to compare available packages. When comparing deals, make sure you use an impartial comparison service like Broadband Plaans. This will ensure you have access to the very best packages available and will make it easy to find the service that’s right for you.

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There are a number of factors to look at when comparing broadband, TV and phone deals. The most important are:

  • Cost
  • Coverage
  • Broadband speed
  • Choice of channels
  • Phone services
  • Contract length


Broadband, TV and phone deals in the UK range in price from around £27 per month to over £80 per month. Most deals fall in the £27-£40 price bracket.
In general, the more you pay for your broadband, TV and phone bundle the more you’ll get. Top end deals offer premium TV channels, free phone minutes and average internet speeds of around 100Mbps. Cheaper deals are likely to offer fewer channels, slower internet speeds and little to no free minutes to talk on the phone.
When comparing broadband, TV and phone bundles, you’ll need to balance the monthly price of each deal with the quality of the services on offer. This should help you to find the deal that’s right for you.


Different broadband, TV and phone providers cover different parts of the country. In order to ensure you get the fastest possible internet speed and the best choice of channels, you’ll need to select a provider that has a strong presence in your area.
Use this broadband checker to see what’s available in your area.

Broadband speed

The faster your broadband speed, the easier it will be to watch movies, stream TV and play online games without any delays or buffering. If you have multiple people in your home, fast internet is even more important.
In most parts of the UK, the minimum download speed you should expect is 11Mbps. This is considered an acceptable speed and should allow you to watch TV and shop online without a problem. However, if you want to watch HD TV, or if multiple people want to stream content at the same time, you may find your internet isn’t fast enough.
A broadband download speed of between 11Mbps and 50Mbps is considered fast internet. If your average download speed is anywhere near 50Mbps, you shouldn’t have any problems streaming multiple movies or TV shows at the same time.
If your download speed is above 50Mbps, you have a very fast connection. This level of internet should let you watch HD TV, play online games and connect multiple devices in every room in the house.
More and more homes in the UK now have access to superfast and ultrafast broadband. These connections offer speeds of over 100Mps and 300Mbps respectively. If your download speed averages over 100Mps, or close to 300Mbps, your internet will appear lightning fast and you’ll be able to connect a large number of devices to the broadband without a problem.
According to Ofcom, around 1 in 4 UK homes now has access to gigabit-capable broadband. In theory, these connections could offer up to 1 Gbit/s of internet, a phenomenal speed for even the most connected household.

Choice of channels

A lot of broadband bundles offer free or cheap TV services. The most affordable are usually those that come with YouView. YouView is a hybrid TV platform that was developed through a collaboration between the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, BT, TalkTalk and Arqiva.
YouView provides access to free-to-air TV channels via an aerial connection and to on demand services via broadband. As all the channels broadcast on YouView are available without a subscription, the service is normally very cheap and can be bolted on to broadband deals to create an affordable entertainment service.
Other broadband providers offer premium channels like Sky One, Fox, Comedy Central, Sky Sport and BT Sport. These packages are normally a little more expensive, especially if you want the full choice of channels.

Phone services

If you opt for a broadband and TV bundle that has a phone line included, you should also get a number of phone services as part of your deal. Often, suppliers will offer free landline calls and free calls to mobile phones at certain times of the day. Some also allow customers to call landlines in other countries for free in the late evening, early morning and at weekends.

Contract length

Contracts for broadband, TV and phone bundles can vary significantly in length. The shortest standard contract you’re likely to find is 12 months. Shorter deals are occasionally available, but these are likely to be a lot more expensive so are generally not the best option for your finances.
If you opt for a contract that’s longer than 12 months, you may find you get a better deal on your entertainment bundle. Longer 18-month, and even 24-month, deals can give you access to low rates and a good choice of extras.

What TV services can I get with a broadband bundle?

As well as a good choice of channels – some providers offer over 150 – you can also get a range of TV services with your broadband bundle. A lot of companies provide customers with digital boxes that let them pause, rewind and fast forward TV. These boxes generally let you record shows and watch them back whenever you want.
Some TV and broadband bundles also give you access to online streaming services. Subscriptions to sites like Netflix and Amazon are available in some TV and broadband bundles. Opting for one of these deals could save you money and allow you to watch some fantastic films and TV shows.

The table below shows a selection of the channels and services available on different bundles:

Supplier Package Monthly cost Average download speed TV services
BT Entertainment + Fibre 2 £44.99 67 Mbps Over 100 channels including: Sky One, Fox, Sky Atlantic,
Comedy Central, Discovery and Sky Witness
TalkTalk Fibre 35 TV £26 38 Mbps Over 50 channels including: all FreeView channels
Sky Sky TV and Broadband Superfast £39 59 Mbps Over 100 channels including: SkyOne SkyTwo, Sky Atlantic, SkySports, Fox, Comedy Central and FreeView
Virgin Media Big Bundle £29.99 108 Mbps Over 100 channels including: International news options, FreeView and SkySports Racing
EE Apple TV 4K & Unlimited Fibre Broadbans £38 36 Mbps Apple TV

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How to choose the right broadband and phone deal for your home

Comparing the cost, broadband speed, TV channels and phone services of the deals on offer should help you narrow down your options when it comes to choosing an entertainment bundle.
However, with so many different elements to compare, choosing the right broadband and phone deal for your home isn’t always easy. The best way to see exactly what’s out there – and find out what’s available in your area – is to use an impartial comparison service like Broadband Plans.
Our expert team will look at all the deals on offer in your area, talk you through the various options and help you decide which deal is right for you. Give us a call today to find out more.
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What else should I consider before buying a broadband, phone and TV bundle?

There are a few other important things you should consider before buying a broadband, phone and TV bundle. One of the most important is what kind of internet user you are.
If you’re a light user, a cheaper package with lower average download speeds should be fine for your needs. If you’re a medium user, you may want to pay more for a slightly better connection and if you’re a gamer, or live in a household with people who are heavy internet users, you’ll probably want to splash out on a package that gives you guaranteed access to superfast speeds.
It’s also a good idea to think about which TV channels are most important to your household. Choosing a package that has YouView instead of premium channels is often a lot cheaper. So, if you watch most of your TV on free-to-air services, this type of package may offer the best value for money.
Alternatively, if you like to watch a lot of movies or sports events, choosing a package that focuses on these channels will suit you best.

Why compare broadband, TV and phone deals?

Comparing broadband, TV and phone deals is important as it gives you the opportunity to look at different prices, different download speeds and different TV packages. This will help you to work out exactly which deal is right for you.
If you don’t have the time to compare broadband, TV and phone deals yourself, or if you just want an expert opinion on the services available, call Broadband Plans. Our impartial advisors will talk you through the different bundles available and take all of the stress out of selecting a new deal.
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Is it easy to switch broadband, phone, and TV providers?

Switching broadband, phone and TV providers is relatively straightforward. Before switching to a new provider, you’ll need to cancel your old contract so you don’t end up paying for two separate entertainment packages. If your broadband, TV and phone are currently provided by different suppliers, you’ll need to get in touch with each company separately and arrange for your contracts to be cancelled.
When switching suppliers it’s important you time your new contract to begin when your old deal expires. This will prevent your household being left without internet, TV or phone services for a significant period of time.
If this all sounds like a lot of admin, you can simplify things further by using Broadband Plans. We’ll take care of a lot of the paperwork for you, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the entertainment. Plus, Broadband Plan´s tv, phone and broadband knowledge helps us find you the perfect deal so you don´t have to.

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Does BT do deals for existing customers?

Although a lot of the deals you see advertised on BT’s website are aimed at new customers, the company does offer good deals to existing clients. If you already have BT broadband, phone and TV services and want to renew your contract, get in touch with the supplier to see what extras or discounts they can offer.

What is the best broadband and phone package?

The best broadband and phone package for your household will depend on your specific needs and requirements. If you only need the internet for emailing, shopping and occasional streaming, you can probably opt for a cheap deal with comparatively slow broadband speeds.
If you watch a lot of online content or like to play computer games via the internet, a fast connection of up to 50Mbps would suit you better. If you’re a heavy internet user, a connection that offers speeds up to - or even over - 100Mbps will ensure you don’t have any issues when working or playing online.
The same goes for phone deals. The less you pay, the less you’ll get. However, if you don’t use the phone a lot, a cheaper deal may well suit you perfectly.

What is the cheapest TV, Internet and phone package?

The cost of TV, internet and phone packages varies across the country. Prices start from around £27 per month and go right up to £90 per month. Often, the best value deals are available from Plusnet, Now Broadband and TalkTalk. However, as new offers are always being introduced, it’s important to check available deals when you’re ready to switch supplier.

Can I get streaming services through my TV bundle?

If you opt for a TV bundle that also includes broadband, you’ll be able to choose from a number of options that give you streaming services. Netflix, Amazon Prime and other subscription sites work with a selection of broadband providers to give customers a comprehensive entertainment package and great value for money.
If you choose a service that includes YouView, and you have an internet enabled TV, you’ll also be able to watch streaming services via your television set. However, the cost of your subscriptions won’t be included in your monthly TV and broadband fee.

Updated on 9 Nov, 2022

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