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With over 9 million subscribers, BT is by far the biggest broadband provider in Britain. They have almost 3 million more subscribers than their nearest rival (Sky) and boast a range of fast, superfast and ultrafast broadband solutions. Not to mention bundles that incorporate phone tariffs and TV packages. They may not be the cheapest ISP available, but they are undoubtedly the biggest provider on the market with a huge selection of deals.
Last update: November 2022

But in an age where we have more competition than ever, is BT broadband the right choice for you? Or would you be better served by one of the newer, smaller Internet Service Providers (ISPs) on the market. Here we’ll look at everything you need to know about BT broadband’s deals and packages in 2021.

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BT Broadband & TV: Packages and Deals

In the mobile age, many of us are no longer using our landline telephones. But that doesn’t mean consumers can’t make savings by bundling broadband and TV packages. While BT’s broadband and TV packages are more modest than those offered by Sky, there’s still a fairly impressive selection of deals to choose from.

What are BT’s broadband packages?

Before we look at BT broadband’s broadband and TV packages, let’s take a look at their broadband deals in isolation. BT offers broadband deals for customers that use both ASL and fibre. They offer both Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTP) and Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) / full-fibre deals. Please note that all of BT’s current broadband contracts require a 24 month commitment.
Let’s take a closer look:

BT Standard broadband

BT’s standard broadband deal is for customers that use an ADSL connection. This is where data is transmitted through the copper cables of your phone line. This is limiting for your connection, offering download speeds of around 10Mbps. This is usually enough for browsing, social media use, shopping and streaming, even in HD. However, it may not be adequate for households with more demanding online needs. There are no data limits for this plan.
This plan costs £24.99 including line rental. A one-off setup cost of £19.99 is also required.

BT Fibre Essential

This is the brand’s basic fibre broadband package. You can expect average download speed of 36Mbps and upload speeds of around 9.5 Mbps. In price and performance, it’s similar to most ISPs’ entry-level fibre plans. BT Fibre Essential should be adequate for most smaller households. However, it may not give you the performance you need for things like online gaming, live streaming or streaming on 4K UHD on multiple devices. There are no data limits for this plan.
This plan costs £27.99 per month including line rental with a £10 one-off setup cost.

BT Fibre 1 (BT superfast Fibre 1)

BT’s new Fibre 1 package provides access to a BT smart hub with average download speeds of 50 Mbps and upload speeds of 9.5 Mbps. There are zero one-off costs with this deal, and customers can even get a £60 reward card that you can spend virtually anywhere that accepts Mastercard.
This plan costs £28.99 per month including line rental.

BT Fibre 2 (BT superfast Fibre 2)

BT’s Fibre 2 package also provides access to a BT smart hub and offers slightly faster download speeds of 67 Mbps. Upload speeds are significantly improved at around 19 Mbps. Again, there are no one-off costs associated with this tariff, and you even get a £90 reward card. This plan will set you back £32.99 per month.

BT Fibre 100

BT’s Fibre 100 broadband deal is BT’s most affordable FTTP full-fibre option, capable of impressive download speeds of up to 100Mbps and upload speeds of around 28 Mbps. There are no setup costs associated with this plan, however, you can expect to pay a premium for a faster, more reliable connection of £39.99 per month.

BT Fibre 300

This replaces the Ultrafast Fibre 250 package, offering average download speeds of up to 300Mbps, and upload speeds of 50 Mbps for £49.99 per month. Again, there are no upfront costs to pay.

BT Fibre 900

For those who want the best of the best, BT’s Fibre 900 offers average download speeds of 900 Mbps on average, as well as upload speeds of up to 110 Mbps. This package will cost £59.99 per month with no upfront costs.

What are BT’s Broadband and TV deals?

BT’s TV offerings are not quite as robust as other providers’, however, they do offer a healthy range of channels for those who don’t want to subscribe to too many streaming services.
BT’s TV offering is based on YouView, and as well as the standard Freeview channels, there are also some additional channels like SyFy, Comedy Central, and (for a premium) 3 additional sports channels. However, as there is no access to Sky Movie channels, this is perhaps not the supplier for movie lovers, unless they can get their fix from Netflix or good old-fashioned DVDs and Blu Rays.
BT’s broadband and TV deals combine Fibre 2 with a range of TV packages as detailed below:

BT Sport + Fibre 2

This combines BT Fibre 2 with 43 TV channels including BT Sport. This is a 24 month contract at £37.49 per month with no-upfront costs. Features include:

  • £90 Reward Card
  • All BT Sport channels & BoxNation
  • Premier League, UEFA Champions League
  • Premiership rugby and much more
  • Freeview and recordable TV box

BT Entertainment + Fibre 2

This has a broader selection of 58 entertainment channels provided by Now TV. So you can get Sky channels without a Sky package. This is a 24 month contract at £41.99 per month with no up-front costs. Features include:

  • £90 Reward Card
  • NOW TV Entertainment Membership
  • Sky Atlantic, Sky One and other exclusive channels
  • Access to over 300 On-Demand Box Sets
  • Freeview & recordable TV box
  • Ability to download on multiple devices

BT Big Sport + Fibre 2

This is the premium package for sports lovers, with 43 channels including both BT Sport and Sky Sports at £49.99 per month with no upfront costs. Features include:

  • £90 Reward Card
  • All BT Sport channels & BoxNation
  • NOW TV Sky Sports Membership
  • Access to 11 Sky Sports channels

What other services you can get from BT home broadband offering?

As we can see, BT Broadband is fast, but not as fast as other FTTP providers like Hyperoptic or People’s Fibre. They have some TV packages, but their selection is less robust than Sky’s or Virgin Medias. And as we can see from their pricing structure, there are other ISPs charging less for the same speeds.
So, is there anything that BT offers that other providers can’t? Aside from the BT name and pedigree, they have some other key selling points such as superior hardware, and some cool extra features, including…

What is BT Halo?

BT Halo is the UK’s first “unbreakable” home WiFi. It is a hybrid connection set up in conjunction with the mobile network EE (which is owned by BT). Essentially, if your cabled broadband connection is lost, the router automatically switches to a mobile connection to ensure that you get no loss of service.
BT Halo is built into the Smart Hub 2. You can either buy this outright for £200 or is available with BT’s fibre broadband packages for a £1 per month premium.

What is BT complete Wi Fi?

BT Complete WiFi is a disc-shaped device that comes with the Smart Hub 2 and can be used to ensure that a fast, reliable Wi Fi connection is available in every room of your home.

What is BT Cloud storage?

When you become a BT customer, you can get up to 50GB worth of online storage for just £3 per month to back up important files. You can upgrade this to 500GB for £9 per month.

What is BT Stay Fast guarantee?

The BT Stay Fast guarantee ensures that you consistently get the speeds that you are advertised. BT is constantly checking and upgrading connections to ensure that they are optimally fast. If your speed falls below what you were promised, you can get expert support in resuming normal service. Not to mention £20 cashback.

Anything else?

BT Broadband customers can also get a £5 per month discount on all their mobile phone and SIM only deals.
BT customers can also access a huge network of 5 million Wi Fi hotspots throughout the country for free.

BT Phone: Packages and Deals

Frustratingly (and perhaps confusingly for a former telecoms monopoly), BT no longer offers free call packages with any of its broadband deals. That may not be a huge problem for those who are mostly reliant on their mobile phones for calls, but can be a problem for those who, for instance, need to make a lot of outbound business calls while working or running their small business from home.

What are BT’s Broadband and phone deals?

BT Broadband deals all have Pay As You Go calls as standard. These are charged at 20p per minute for all UK landlines and mobiles. You also get free access to BT Call Protect to filter out nuisance calls. However, there are some upgrades available that will give you more calls for your money:

700 minutes

This provides you with 700 minutes a month to any UK landline number or UK mobile, day or night for £28.10 per month including line rental.

Unlimited minutes

You can add unlimited minutes to any UK mobile or landline day or night for £36.10 including line rental.


You can also purchase add-ons like:

  • Caller Display
  • Call Waiting
  • BT Answer 1571
  • International call packages from £8.50 per month.

What hardware does BT offer to new customers?

New BT broadband customers get a Smart Hub when they get a fibre broadband package. This can be upgraded to a Smart Hub 2 with BT Halo built-in for an extra £1 per month. BT claims that its Smart Hub is the fastest router in the country, supporting connections from multiple devices at the same time without any impact on performance speeds. New standard broadband (ADSL) customers get the BT Home Hub 4. Customers also get a Complete Wi Fi disc to ensure a strong signal throughout the home.

What software do I get with BT Broadband?

BT Broadband customers also get free access to BT Virus Protect. This is an antivirus app for BT Broadband customers, offered in conjunction with McAffee. It can be used to Android phones and tablets safe from viruses, spyware and other malware.

Does BT provide emails?

Yes, BT provides email packages to customers. However, you will still be able to use these if you should switch to a new provider in future. BT’s email has 3 tiers:

  • Standard- included with your BT Broadband package
  • Premium- £7.50 a month
  • Basic- Free

The top two email packages include:

  • No ads
  • Virus, spam and phishing protection
  • UK-based tech support
  • Unlimited storage
  • Up to 11 email addresses can be created

You will need to pay for the premium package after you switch away from BT Broadband to retain all of these features.

BT reviews: What are their customers saying about them?

BT’s website makes a lot of bold claims about its speedy Wi Fi and superior customer service. But do these claims match the lived experiences of BT’s customers? At SwitchBox, we find that the best way to find out how a provider’s customers really feel about them is to read reviews left by real customers.
A good place to start is to look at BT’s Trustpilot page. There is also a separate page for BT Broadband, however as this is unclaimed by the brand, this is not an official page. BT has an aggregate customer score of 1.4 out of 5, making them a “Bad” provider by the platform’s metrics.
At the time of writing, BT’s official page has 8,723 customer reviews. Of these:

  • 436 (5%) were “Excellent”
  • 120 (1%) were “Great”
  • 129 (1%) were “Average”
  • 275 (3%) were “Poor”
  • 7,763 (89%) were “Bad”

With only 6% of reviews rating the brand as above average, this might seem damning. However, it’s important to remember that these reviews pertain to all of BT’s services, not just its broadband.
Fortunately, users can filter customer reviews by keywords listed at the top of the page beneath the breakdown of reviews. These include “broadband”.
Positive reviews focus on stable performance, superior availability to competitors like Virgin media, friendly and helpful customer service, and fast issue resolution. Customers also praised the speed and performance of the router.
Negative reviews focused on FTTP installation mishaps, slow performance, unexpected disconnections, and frustrating interactions with customer service staff. Slow and unsatisfactory issue resolution was another recurring theme. Curiously, a couple of long-term BT customers have lamented on the page that the standard of both connection and customer service for BT Broadband has declined year-on-year.
Things aren’t much more positive over on, where only 14% of customers recommend the brand.

Free service

What is BT’s customer service and support like?

By looking through customer reviews on Trustpilot and, we can get a clear understanding of how customers feel about the provider’s service and support. Although customer sentiment seems largely negative, there are nonetheless a number of very glowing reviews that speak highly of the service and support they have received from BT.
We’ve taken some snippets from customer reviews to show you the good, the bad and the ugly in terms of what customers are saying about the service and support they received from BT.

The good

  • “Very knowledgeable assistant who went out of their way to solve my problems while saving me money”
  • “[The customer service team member] was exceptional both his technical knowledge (I am a class one technophobe and he was gentle with me!) and with his brilliant interpersonal skills”
  • “I’ve had a long standing issue with dropouts on my broadband. Recently (after a particularly bad period with the issue) I spoke to Oisin in Belfast office , and his level of professionalism was second to none”
  • “Both contract renewal and a minor fault were handled so well. Solid broadband, phone, tv and excellent non scripted customer service”
  • “I realized after 3 weeks I had not chosen the right package. Got Les from customer service on the phone. He solved the problem in few minutes finding a deal just 2 pounds extra per month. Again really clear, simple and efficient.”

The bad

  • “If they verify an issue they send an engineer quite promptly – usually within a couple of days. However, if they can’t verify our issue we have to wait weeks before an engineer drops by. These engineers are very friendly but more often than not have no idea to fix the issues.”
  • “I am absolutely appalled at the service I have received over the last month along with the rude customer service!”
  • “Just contacting BT is a nightmare, over 45 minutes on hold each time you need to make a call is disgraceful. Hire more staff.”

The ugly

  • “Without warning our phone number of 20 years was disconnected and BT have refused to return it, despite it being unallocated to a new user. We were informed (after transferring) that we could only have a digital line and had to have the number they allocated”
  • “I have wasted TWO WEEKS trying to get my service activated with one failure after another and finally they CANCELLED it without telling me”
  • “Was waiting on the call for just over 1hr and then when they finally transferred me over to the correct department and went through the security questions (again!), the phone line just cut!”

What’s good about BT Broadband?

Looking through hundreds of customer reviews, we can glean some fairly consistent positives about BT Broadband:

  • The best availability in the UK
  • Fast, high-performance routers and good quality hardware
  • Generally consistent connections and speeds
  • Good availability throughout the country
  • Lots of useful extra features
  • Good range of customisable packages

What’s bad about BT Broadband?

Looking at customer reviews for BT, there are some common criticisms that keep coming up to tarnish the biggest name in UK telecommunications. These include:

  • Many instances of poor customer service
  • Needlessly expensive and slow ADSL connections
  • Generally more expensive than other providers
  • Lengthy contracts
  • Costly line rental
  • Prices can rise considerably when contracts end

Woman walking down the street using her phone

How to contact BT

It’s important to be able to contact your provider when you need a helping hand. So how easy is it to get in touch with BT?

Contact BT by phone

You can contact BT over the phone by calling 0800 800 150. The number is the same for broadband and landline queries. However, many customers report long wait times.

Contact BT online

You can also contact BT online via Facebook or Twitter. On their website there are lots of helpful guides to get you DIY support for common issues. If these are not adequate, however, you can contact the brand by email at If you feel that your issue is still unresolved, you can contact a customer services manager at

BT vs the rest of the market

As we can see, like every provider, BT has its share of benefits and caveats. But how does it compare with other providers on the market? Let’s compare BT with its contemporaries in all the areas that matter to you…

How do BT broadband prices compare to other broadband providers?

Broadly speaking, BT broadband packages are among the most expensive. However, some consider the higher-spec routers offered worth paying a little extra for.
If we look at how BT’s basic broadband package compares to its contemporaries, we can see that it is the most expensive, over £5 per month more than the cheapest.

Provider Package Broadband Contract term Upfront price Monthly price
Origin Broadband Broadband 11Mb average Unlimited 12 months None £18.99
Plusnet Unlimited + Line only 10Mb average Unlimited 18 months None £18.99
TalkTalk Fast Broadband 11Mb average Unlimited 18 months £9.95 £24.95
BT Broadband 10Mb average Unlimited 24 months £19.99 £24.99

The same goes for its superfast deals as you can see in the table below:

Provider Package Broadband Contract term Upfront price Monthly price
Plusnet Plusnet Unlimited Fibre + Line only 36Mb average Unlimited 18 months Free £22.99
TalkTalk TalkTalk Fibre 35 38Mb average Unlimited 18 months £4.95 £22
Direct Save Telecom Direct Save Telecom Superfast Fibre 35Mb 35Mb average Unlimited 12 months £9.95 £24.95
BT BT Fibre Essential 36Mb average Unlimited 24 months £10 £24.99
Sky Sky Broadband Superfast 59Mb average Unlimited 18 months £9.95 £28
TalkTalk TalkTalk Fibre 65 67Mb average Unlimited 18 months £4.95 £25
Plusnet Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra + Line only 66Mb average Unlimited 18 months Free £24.99
BT BT Fibre 2 67Mb average Unlimited 24 months Free £29.99

There’s a gulf of £8 per month between BT and its cheapest competitor.
Unfortunately, when we compare BT’s cheapest ultrafast fibre deals with its competitors, it is also more expensive than most. It’s £2 per month cheaper than EE (also a BT company) but requires an extra 6 months of commitment.

Provider Package Broadband Contract term Upfront price Monthly price
BT Full-Fibre 100 100Mb average Unlimited 24 months None £39.99
Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband + Phone + Talk Weekends 108Mb average Unlimited 18 months £35 £34
Sky Broadband Ultrafast 145Mb average Unlimited 18 months £9.95 £35
EE Fibre Max 100 145Mb average Unlimited 18 months £25 £41

How fast is BT broadband?

Every year Ofcom tests broadband providers’ speed against their advertised speeds. So, how does BT measure up against others? Let’s take a look at the performance of their packages in the tables below…

BT Basic Broadband

Here BT is a solid contender, but is outperformed by both Sky and Plusnet.

Provider Advertised average speed Over 24hrs Peak time (8-10pm weekdays)
BT 10Mb 7.5Mb to 10.6Mb 7.4Mb to 10.4Mb
Plusnet 10Mb 8.5Mb to 11.5Mb 8.4Mb to 11.3Mb
Sky 11Mb 9.4Mb to 12.1Mb 9.2Mb to 11.9Mb
TalkTalk 11Mb 7.1Mb to 9.7Mb 7.0Mb to 9.6Mb

Essential Fibre and Fibre 1

This is BT’s best performing category. Yet while it consistently offers good speeds, it is not the strongest.

Provider Advertised average speed Over 24hrs Peak time (8-10pm weekdays)
Plusnet 36Mb 29.2Mb to 35.1Mb 28.9Mb to 34.7Mb
EE 36Mb 27.6Mb to 35.8Mb 27.1Mb to 35.1Mb
BT 36Mb 27.9Mb to 37.7Mb 27.8Mb to 37.6Mb
TalkTalk 38Mb 31.7Mb to 36.1Mb 31.3Mb to 35.6Mb
BT 50Mb 36.5Mb to 55.4Mb 36.0Mb to 54.7Mb

Fibre 2

Again, BT is fairly strong here, but is outperformed by TalkTalk.

Provider Advertised average speed Over 24hrs Peak time (8-10pm weekdays)
Sky 59Mb 47.4Mb to 57.9Mb 46.8Mb to 57.2Mb
Plusnet 66Mb 55.1Mb to 62.4Mb 54.4Mb to 61.7Mb
BT 67Mb 55.7Mb to 59.8Mb 55.1Mb to 59.2Mb
TalkTalk 67Mb 59.7Mb to 64.2Mb 58.8Mb to 63.3Mb
EE 67Mb 54.0Mb to 62.4Mb 53.1Mb to 61.3Mb

Pile of SIM Cards with BT Logo on them


Ofcom only provides ultrafast speeds for Virgin Media and BT at present, however, BT performs ably in this category, as we can see.

Provider Advertised average speed Over 24hrs Peak time (8-10pm weekdays)
Virgin Media 108Mb 107.9Mb to 110.1Mb 105.7Mb to 108.7Mb
BT 145Mb 142.9Mb to 146.6Mb 142.4Mb to 146.2Mb
Virgin Media 213Mb 119.8Mb to 209.9Mb 195.3Mb to 206.1Mb
BT 300Mb 297.9Mb to 301.3Mb 296.9Mb to 300.5Mb
Virgin Media 362Mb 340.9Mb to 359.9Mb 334.1Mb to 353.9Mb

See Sky’s offers to find the best broadband deal for you.

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What routers do BT broadband offer?

Unless you have a basic ADSL connection, you’ll get either a BT Smart Hub or a BT Smart Hub 2 for a small extra premium. Both feature 7 antennae, 4 Gigabit ethernet ports, and dual-band Wi Fi. However, the Smart Hub 2 also boasts Complete Wi Fi and is compatible with BT Halo.

What is BT Broadband’s cheapest bundle?

You can see BT Broadband’s bundles compared in the table below. So you can decide which is the best fit for your needs and budget:

Package Name Cost
Standard Broadband £24.99 per month
Fibre Essential £27.99 per month
Fibre 1 £28.99 per month
Fibre 2 £32.99 per month
Fibre 100 £39.99 per month
Fibre 300 £49.99 per month
BT Sport & Fibre 2 £37.49 per month
BT Entertainment & Fibre 2 £41.99 per month
BT Big Sport & Fibre 2 £49.99 per month

Can I get BT Broadband deals in my area?

This broadband provider with the best coverage in the UK, there’s an excellent chance that you can get a BT Broadband deal. But don’t make the switch without contacting the SwitchBox team first. We can match you to the perfect BT deal for your needs and budget.
Give us a call today on 0330 818 6395 to find out more!

Getting broadband from Sky is easy! Want to know more details about the best broadband deals from Sky? Check out our list of selected offers.

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Is there a BT broadband installation fee?

All of BT Broadband’s current broadband deals come with no installation fees.

Does BT offer a minimum speed guarantee?

Yes, BT currently has the Stay Fast Guarantee. Under this guarantee if you don’t get the speeds you were promised you can get expert support in improving your speeds as well as £20 cashback.

How do you connect the BT Smart Hub to the internet?

BT’s Smart Hub router is very easy to get connected. Simply plug one end of the ADSL cable to the hub, and the other end to your socket. Then just plug the power cable to the device and power socket and switch on. Give it a few seconds to boot up and you’re ready to get online. 

What TV boxes come with BT TV?

The kind of box you get depends on your TV package. They are as follows:

* BT TV Box Z4- The basic compact model

* BT TV Recordable Box G4- With a 500GB hard drive for 300 hours of TV recording

* BT TV Recordable Box G5- As above but with 4K UHD support.

What is BT’s cancellation fee?

As of November 2020, BT charges a cancellation fee of £45 if you leave before your contract has expired.

When does my BT contract end?

All current BT broadband contracts are 24 months long. All providers are legally obliged to provide you with an end of contract notification 10-40 days before your contract is due to expire. After you receive this, you can switch providers without penalties.

Updated on 20 Oct, 2022

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