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Here at Broadband Plans we are experts in the world of broadband! We know that connectivity is becoming increasingly important, so we are aiming to provide useful and informative content for you to have everything you need to choose the right provider and save on your bills. As well as sharing information, we also offer a free to use service that allows you to switch your Broadband supplier with very little hassle. Our website launched in 2021 and to ensure that all our content is accurate, we have a team of dedicated professionals that you can learn more about below.

Ivana Licheva

Ivana seo specialist
As a broadband specialist and consultant, Ivana works on optimising the Broadband Plans website. She produces relevant content and makes sure that the website stays up to date with the broadband market in the UK.
William Dautel

William Dautel

Half French half New Zealander, William oversees the papernest websites on the UK market. He joined papernest after spending years in an advertising agency building content strategies for all sorts of clients. When this enthusiastic kiwi isn’t in mountains he now dedicates his energy to help British households find the greenest and cheapest deal around.
Kathryn Ryan

Kathryn Ryan

A Canadian content manager living in Barcelona, Spain dedicated to researching the best tips and tricks in everything Broadband for UK residents. With her background in Psychology and Communication, she knows how to present Broadband in an efficient and comprehensible manner for readers.

Ilonq Terradot

Ilona TerradotA French-Colombian student at EDHEC Business School based in Barcelona, Spain. With a strong passion for digital marketing, she works in the UK SEO team, overlooking the content and its optimisation on Broadband’s websites.

Baylee Konen

Baylee KonenAn American journalist with a passion for creativity. She graduated with two Bachelor’s Degrees in Journalism and Spanish from the University of Missouri-Columbia located in Columbia, Missouri, U.S.A. She is now based in Barcelona, Spain working on the UK SEO team for Papernest and studying her Master’s degree in Brand Strategy at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She also is a freelance photographer.
Casper Taylor

Casper Taylor

A recent graduate of Bournemouth University, is passionate about digital marketing and is now an expert in all that is energy related. He works on the optimisation of the Broadband Plans website and its content as well as implementing other SEO strategies. As an avid sports fan, you will find him either watching or playing football, at every chance he gets!
Alex seo specialist papernest

Alexander Striano

Prior to becoming a junior consultant specialist for the Broadband Plans team, Alex obtained degrees in communication & sociology as well as a masters in marketing management. Today, Alex overlooks content on the Broadband Plans site to make sure that all posted material is accurate and up to date.

Updated on 1 Sep, 2022

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