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As the UK’s largest broadband provider, BT is widely available to connect homes to the Internet. It’s also known for being the largest provider of fixed-line phone services to consumers. However, residential broadband and phone packages aren’t designed to fulfil the needs of businesses. This is why BT has a separate business division. BT Business focuses on providing broadband connections and phones for workplaces of any size, including small businesses and large offices. It even offers telecoms solutions for remote workers. Each company and sector has its own needs, however – so you’ll need a BT Business deal that suits your workplace specifically.
Last updated in: June 2022

From basic landline packages to the latest fibre-powered broadband and digital phone lines, BT Business presents a range of deals. This article highlights the best and cheapest BT Business deals available, allowing your business to stay connected for less.

What is BT Business broadband?

BT Business broadband refers to the Wi-Fi services it offers. This allows you to connect your work-related devices to the Internet, including laptops, mobiles, and printers. The service is specifically tailored to the needs of businesses, differentiating it from BT’s residential deals.

What does BT Business broadband offer?

BT Business broadband is separate to BT’s home broadband services. It delivers an enhanced online experience thanks to:

  • minimum Internet speed guarantees
  • prioritised web traffic over residential BT customers
  • free Wi-Fi for your guests and customers when visiting your workplace
  • the option for a static Internet protocol (IP address)
  • 24/7 customer support.

ADSL Broadband

Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) broadband is one of the types of Internet connection offered by BT Business. It uses copper phone lines to deliver a basic broadband connection.

BT Business’ ADSL plans offer download speeds of up to 17Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 1Mbps. These speeds should suffice for everyday Internet use in a small business – but if your team comprises more than a few people, fibre broadband is preferable.

Fibre-optic broadband

If you’re looking for faster broadband speeds and greater reliability, BT Business offers fibre broadband packages.

BT’s standard fibre broadband deals use fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) connections. This means you receive broadband via fast fibre-optic cables until the nearest street cabinet. From here to your property, slower copper cables deliver your Internet connection.

You can expect download speeds of up to 74Mbps and upload speeds of up to 19Mbps with these BT Business fibre connections.

Full Fibre broadband

BT Business now offers Full Fibre business broadband, offering some of the fastest Internet speeds available.

BT Business’ Full Fibre connections use fibre to the premises (FTTP) technology. This means your business will receive Internet access via fibre cables only, without any slowdown from copper lines. This Full Fibre connection can handle many devices at once, making it perfect for busy teams who frequently attend video conferences. BT Business Full Fibre packages offer download speeds of up to 900Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 110Mbps.

Note that BT’s Full Fibre rollout is still underway, so FTTP connections aren’t available everywhere yet. You can check availability on BT Business’ online checker.

BT Business broadband deals and packages

Here are the best BT Business broadband deals available:

Best BT business deals
Deal Monthly cost One-off cost Overall cost Contract length in months Broadband type Average download speed Phone line included? Call plan
Fibre 38 £22.95 £9.95 £560.75 24 FTTC 38Mbps Yes PAYG
Fibre 76 Essential + Phone Line £26.95 £39.95 £686.75 24 FTTC 76Mbps Yes PAYG
Fibre 76 Enhanced + Digital Phone Line (Halo) £36.95 £39.95 £926.75 24 FTTC 76Mbps Yes PAYG
Full Fibre 150 Enhanced + Digital Line £36.95 £39.95 £926.75 24 FTTP 152Mbps Yes PAYG

BT Business phone deals

These are the best phone line-only deals from BT Business:

Phone line-only deals
Deal Monthly price One-off cost Overall cost Contract length Minimum cost of unlimited UK calls packages per month Minimum cost of international calls packages per month Included call features Compatible with existing phone systems? Expected fault repair time
Value phone line £27.55* £330.60 12 months 2 No 2 working days
Value phone line £24.27* £582.48 24 months £16.29 £10 2 No 2 working days
Standard phone line £33.89* £406.68 12 months 2 Yes 1 working day
Standard phone line £32.14* £771.36 24 months £16.29 £10 2 Yes 1 working day
Featureline £35.09 £140 £561.08 12 months 14 Yes 1 working day
Featureline £33.34 £68 £1,268.24 36 months 14 Yes 1 working day

*This figure excludes VAT

BT Business mobile packages

In addition to its fixed phone line deals, BT Business also offers mobile phone contracts for the workplace. The table below shows both the cheapest and most premium mobile packages from each brand, including Apple, Samsung, and Sony:

Cheapest premium packages
Phone brand Model Monthly cost Monthly minutes and texts allowance Monthly data allowance Upfront cost Contract length Total cost of phone Device storage 5G-capable
Apple iPhone SE £30 Unlimited 30GB £8.33 24 £728.33 64GB or 128GB No
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max £65 Unlimited 30GB £50 24 £1,610 128GB Yes
Samsung Galaxy A42 5G £25 Unlimited 6GB £25 24 £625 128GB Yes
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G £65 Unlimited 30GB £50 24 £1,610 128GB Yes
Sony Xperia 10 II £20 Unlimited 1GB £35 24 £515 128GB No
Sony Xperia 5 II £40 Unlimited Unlimited £8.33 24 £968.33 128GB No

BT Business SIM-only deals

If you’ve got business mobile phones but need a plan with calls, texts and data, BT Business can help. It offers 30-day, 12-month, 24-month SIM-only plans. The tables show the best deals for each plan length.

30-day SIM-only deals
Plan (monthly data allowance) Monthly cost Monthly minutes and texts allowance Upfront cost Total cost of plan 5G-capable?
1GB £14 Unlimited £14 Yes
6GB £16 Unlimited £16 Yes
30GB £24 Unlimited £24 Yes

12-month SIM-only deals
Plan (monthly data allowance) Monthly cost Monthly minutes and texts allowance Upfront cost Total cost of plan 5G-capable?
1GB £11 Unlimited £132 Yes
6GB £13 Unlimited £156 Yes
Unlimited £27 Unlimited £324 Yes

24-month SIM-only deals
Plan (monthly data allowance) Monthly cost Monthly minutes and texts allowance Upfront cost Total cost of plan 5G-capable?
1GB £10 Unlimited £120 Yes
15GB £14 Unlimited £140 Yes
£25 Unlimited £500 Yes

BT Business Sports deals

Although BT Business itself doesn’t offer any sports deals, BT Sports is available to business customers. BT Sports packages for businesses can be purchased to show live BT Sports on TVs in pubs, hotels, gyms or other venues.There are two BT Sports packages available. The cheapest option is BT Sport 1, which shows live and exclusive Premier League games. It also includes live rugby and boxing games.

BT Sport Total is a more comprehensive package for businesses. It shows an extensive range of live UK and European football matches, as well as additional live rugby, boxing, racing, and wrestling programming. BT Sport doesn’t disclose its prices or contract terms online, but you can discover the deals available for your specific venue by calling 0800 678 1065.

Why chose bt for your companies broadband

BT Business customer care

Modern businesses depend on a constant and high-speed Internet connection – but if that fails, you’ll need prompt support from your provider. Unfortunately, BT Business’ customer service currently scores 2.1 stars on Trustpilot – equivalent to a ‘poor’ rating. Ofcom’s latest report on the quality of providers’ customer service revealed that BT Business isn’t sufficiently prompt when repairing broadband faults. Customers can expect repairs by the end of the next working day after reporting an issue – meaning that Wi-Fi outages may last long enough to cause significant disruption.

How do I contact BT Business?

To contact BT Business about its broadband or phone services, you can call 0800 800 154 for 24/7 support. And, for any queries or issues with mobile phones, the BT Business contact number to call is 0800 800 152.

How to file a complaint with BT Business

If you’ve got a complaint about BT Business’ service, you can register it by calling 0800 800 152.

How to cancel a BT Business plan

You can end your existing BT Business broadband and/or phone plan easily. Simply call 0800 800 152 and have your account number ready to confirm who you are. Like most broadband plans, you’ll face early cancellation fees if you cancel before your contract’s agreed end date. These charges will be detailed in your contract’s terms and conditions.

Are BT Business broadband plans good?

BT Business broadband deals offer customers variety, reasonable prices, and some bonuses you won’t find in BT’s residential Wi-Fi plans. However, there are cheaper options available, such as TalkTalk’s deals – and the quality of customer service can be a concern.

What are the pros of BT Business?

Here are the benefits of purchasing a broadband deal from BT Business:

Pros of BT business
Pros Explanation
Wide availability BT Business’ deals are available nationwide, thanks to the Openreach network.
Priority over residential broadband traffic Even during peak usage hours, your business’ web traffic gets priority over home broadband customers on BT’s network.
Future-proofing opportunities By purchasing a Full Fibre deal with a digital phone line, BT Business customers can avoid needing to upgrade in the next few years.
No download limits There are no download limits on BT Business deals.
24/7 customer support BT Business’ customer service line is open 24/7, so help is always available.
Free Wi-Fi for guests All of BT Business’ broadband plans allow you to securely share your Wi-Fi connection with guests or customers.
Realistic speed estimations BT is a signatory of Ofcom’s voluntary code of practice for Business Broadband Speeds. Essentially, BT Business doesn’t exaggerate its advertised Internet speeds.

What are the cons of BT Business?

For all its merits, there are downsides to BT Business’ broadband and phone plans:

Cons of BT business
Cons Explanation
Other providers are cheaper BT Business’ prices aren’t particularly high – but its competitors, such as TalkTalk and bOnline, offer lower monthly prices.
Poor customer service Although BT Business’ customer service line is open 24/7, its reviews are generally poor.
Lengthy contracts Currently, BT Business only offers 24-month contracts. This contract length entails a high degree of commitment, and isn’t ideal for new or struggling companies.

Should I get a BT Business plan?

BT Business can provide broadband and phone solutions tailored to the needs of businesses. However, to establish if BT Business’ deals are right for your company, consider the following aspects of your business first:

  • How much your business can spend on a telecoms contract
  • Whether you need a landline or digital phone
  • The Internet speeds your business needs
  • Whether you need BT Business mobiles
  • Your need for extras, such as static IP addresses.

Before committing to a plan, be sure to compare packages between providers – as some of BT Business’ competitors offer lower prices.


👍 Is BT Business broadband any good?

Broadband services from BT Business are widely available and reasonably priced. They also include many benefits designed to support businesses, including prioritised web traffic and the option of purchasing a static IP address.

🌐 Can I get BT Business broadband?

BT Business broadband is widely available across the UK. You can check the availability of its business broadband services using BT Business’ postcode checker. Note that the availability of Full Fibre deals is limited to areas with FTTP infrastructure.

📊 Why work with BT Local Business?

BT Local Business is a network of independent telecoms companies that provide expertise on BT Business’ services. Working with a BT Local Business partner means your business will receive local support tailored to your specific area and customers. This comes from just one local business manager, so you’ll only deal with one point of contact.

🗣 How do I speak to BT Business customer services?

You can contact BT Business customer services by calling 0800 800 154 for support.

Updated on 23 Jun, 2022

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