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Zen Internet provides a range of fast, superfast and ultrafast broadband solutions. Their offering is available to 99% of the UK population. So, no matter where you live, you’ll be able to get at least one of their broadband deals.
Last update: April 2022

They may not be the cheapest Internet Service Provider, nor offer as many promotional bells and whistles as its competitors. But a reputation for reliability, sensible pricing and a simple yet comprehensive range of plans makes it a good option for those seeking a trustworthy and dependable broadband provider

Founded 1995
Client Email support@zen.co.uk
Client Number 01706 902671
Log in Log into your Zen Internet account here
Number of clients 126,000 (approx)
Postal Address Zen Internet, Sandbrook Park, Sandbrook Way, Rochdale, OL11 1RY

What are the best Zen Internet deals

Based in the Greater Manchester town of Rochdale, Zen Internet has been helping households to get online since 1995. With a strong focus on operating ethically, they are a B.Corporation certified company. This means that they are committed to doing good for their customers, their employees, and the environment.
Zen Internet founder Richard places his simple ethos “happy staff, happy customers, happy suppliers” at the heart of everything the company does. Sounds great. But do the lived experiences of real customers match this? Does Zen Internet offer the quality and speed of broadband connection your household deserves at a budget-friendly price?
Zen Internet offers a combination of ADSL, Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) and Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) broadband connections. While these vary in speed and price, they all offer:

  • Line rental included on all ADSL and FTTC deals
  • 100% UK-based customer support
  • Dual-band router to help you get the best wireless speeds for your connection
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Static IP address so you can access your computer and files from anywhere in the world

Zen Internet has also recently issued a Lifetime Price Guarantee. So you can rest assured that your prices won’t skyrocket as soon as your contract ends.

Fast broadband deals

This is Zen Internet’s ADSL broadband package. If you live in an area where there is no fibre availability, this is your best bet for a reasonably fast and reliable broadband connection. The signal travels through the copper cables of your phone line. As such, you may experience slower speeds the further away you are from the nearest exchange.
This package includes:

  • Monthly price of £29.99 guaranteed to stay the same after your contract ends
  • Line rental included
  • 12 month contract
  • Unlimited usage
  • 10 Mbps average download speed
  • 1 Mbps average upload speed

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Superfast broadband deals

Zen Internet offers two kinds of superfast fibre broadband connections. These use an FTTC connection meaning that your fibre connection is in a shared exchange. Signals travel through fibre cables at close to the speed of light, so you don’t need to worry about your signal deteriorating if you’re further from the exchange than other households in your area. However, you may experience slower speeds during peak times as other households in the cabinet use the connection at the same time.
The entry-level superfast plan is Unlimited Fibre One. This features:

  • Monthly price of £29.99 guaranteed to stay the same after your contract ends
  • Line rental included
  • 12 month contract
  • Unlimited usage
  • 36 Mbps average download speed
  • 6 Mbps average upload speed

The second, and most popular, superfast plan is Unlimited Fibre One. This features:

  • Monthly price of £29.99 guaranteed to stay the same after your contract ends
  • Line rental included
  • 12 month contract
  • Unlimited usage
  • 66 Mbps average download speed
  • 17 Mbps average upload speed


Finally, Zen Internet offers two “full-fibre” broadband packages to customers where a Fibre To The Premises connection is available. These have recently been reduced in price, and are both backed by the Lifetime Price Guarantee. There is no need for line rental with these deals, as you get a direct fibre connection to your home. While FTTP is not available to all households in the UK, these deals are the gold standard for those who value performance above all.
The Full Fibre 300 deal is as follows:

  • Reduced price of £49 per month (was £54.95)
  • 18 month contract
  • Unlimited usage
  • 300 Mbps average download speed
  • 47 Mbps average upload speed

The Full Fibre 900 deal is as follows:

  • Reduced price of £62.99 per month (was £69.95)
  • 24 month contract
  • Unlimited usage
  • 900 Mbps average download speed
  • 100 Mbps average upload speed

Zen Internet and phone deals

Zen Internet also offers several landline call packages to its broadband deals. You can add these to any broadband deal or get standalone line rental for £16.99 per month.
Phone deals are as follows:

Phone Package Features Monthly Cost
Line Rental Plus Unlimited anytime minutes to 01, 02 and 03 numbers Monthly £10 spend on 0845 numbers £6.51
Calls to Mobiles Calls to EE, Three, Vodafone, 02, T-Mobile and Orange mobile numbers 250 minutes- £6 500 minutes- £10.80 2,000 minutes- £18
International calls Calls to international landline numbers 250 minutes- £7.20 500 minutes- £10.80 2,000 minutes- £28.80

What router does Zen Internet use?

Zen Internet supplies the FRITZ!Box 7530 router worth £130. This is nice and easy to set up yet will ensure that you get a safe and reliable connection. It is available free to all new broadband customers, while existing customers can upgrade for £75. There are no delivery charges for this router.

What is Zen Everyroom?

Everyroom is Zen Internet’s Wi Fi repeater system. It is designed to ensure that every room in your home gets a string Wi Fi signal, and ensures that there are no “not spots”, only hot spots. This is good for larger homes where multiple members of the household need a reliable connection at the same time.
You can add this to any broadband deal for an extra £7.99 per month. This is subject to a 12 month contract and includes £9.95 P&P for the repeater unit.
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Zen Internet coverage Comparison

Zen Internet is widely available across the UK. Because it offers a combination of ADSL, FTTC and FTTP connections, most households should be able to get a broadband deal with Zen Internet. But will you be able to get a fast connection in your area?

Where is Zen Internet's fastest broadband available?

Zen Internet offers ultrafast broadband via a Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) connection. As such, wherever a connection FTTP is available, you have access to Zen Internet’s fastest broadband packages.
At the time of writing, Openreach has facilitated FTTP connections to around 4.5 million UK homes all over the country. In June 2021, Openreach announced an extra 551 FTTP rollout locations.
Use Zen Internet’s postcode checker to see what the fastest broadband packages are in your area. If an FTTP connection is not yet available in your area, you can register your interest with Zen Internet, and get notifications when FTTP becomes available.

Does Zen Internet offer TV packages?

At the time of writing, Zen Internet does not advertise TV packages on its website.
However, it announced in June of 2020 that it was planning on offering Netgem 4K set-top boxes to customers. Although it makes no mention of TV packages or prices on its website, Netgem packages typically cost between £9.99 and £14.99 per month according to ISP Review.

Does Zen Internet offer a minimum speed guarantee?

Yes. Although advertised speeds must be available to at least 50% of customers, Zen Internet will advise you of your own minimum guaranteed speed when you sign up. If your speed drops below this threshold and Zen Internet cannot fix it within 30 days, you can exit your contract without penalty.

We compare the market to find you the best broadband deal.

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Comparing Zen Internet customer reviews

As we can see, Zen Internet offers a great selection of broadband plans. It also prides itself on its ethical operations and UK-based customer service. But do the experiences of their customers live up to the claims?
There are a few different platforms that you can use to gauge a broadband provider’s customer sentiment. However, we believe that Trustpilot is the most reliable. Because brands actively solicit reviews from their customers, they’re more likely to leave a broader range of reviews rather than writing a review to complain (which is more likely if the review has been unsolicited).
At the time of writing Zen Internet’s Trustpilot page has a total of 5,337 reviews. Of these:

  • 3,993 (75%) were “Excellent”
  • 610 (11%) were “Great”
  • 210 (4%) were “Average”
  • 148 (3%) were “Poor”
  • 376 (7%) were “Bad”

The brand has an overall customer score of 4.1 out of 5, making them a “great” provider.

How do customers feel about Zen Internet customer service?

Zen Internet’s customer service receives largely positive reviews. Customers indicate that they were able to get through to a member of staff quickly and easily. They also value the human touch that Zen Internet lends to their customer service with “… actual humans, that don't repeat a script and don't treat you like an illiterate in technology”. Reviewers also cite fast issue resolution, and knowledgeable staff.
There are, however, a handful of negative reviews stating that they’d expect a better standard of service for the prices charged by Zen.

How do customers feel about Zen Internet speed and reliability?

Reviews that mention Zen Internet’s speed and reliability are also largely very positive. Reviewers consistently state that they have received the speeds that they were advertised, with several comparing Zen Internet’s performance favourably to previous providers.
Some customers report slow speeds in the early days of connection, but this has usually been resolved quickly by Zen.

How to contact Zen Internet?

Zen Internet has invested heavily in a UK-based customer service team. Indeed, last year they were listed in the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For. But how easy is it to get in touch with the team?
Although Zen Internet is experiencing high call volumes, they still manage to deliver fast and responsive customer service. New customers can call 01706 595049. Lines are open 9am-5pm Monday-Saturday.
If you have a question about your bill call 01706 902001 or email creditandbilling@zen.co.uk. Lines are open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. If you require technical support, you can call 01706 902001. Lines are open 8am-6pm weekdays and 9am-5pm over the weekend. Alternatively, email support@zen.co.uk.

How do I complain about Zen Internet?

If you have a complaint to make about Zen Internet, it’s best to submit this in writing. Send your complaint via recorded delivery to:
Zen Internet
Sandbrook Park
Sandbrook Way
OL11 1RY
If you feel that Zen Internet has been unable to resolve your complaint in a satisfactory manner, you may escalate your complaint to the Communications Ombudsman.

Who is the best broadband provider in the UK?

Every broadband consumer wants to known that they’ve chosen the best broadband provider. But the truth is that there’s no single best broadband provider in the UK. There’s only the best broadband provider for you. If you think Zen Internet might be the perfect broadband provider for you, or you want to assess your options, get in touch with the Broadband Plans team.
We can help you find the perfect broadband plan for your needs and budget. We’ll even manage your switch to bring you better broadband faster and without fuss.
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What is mesh broadband?

Mesh broadband is a solution to the problem of Wi Fi dark spots around the home. It is achieved with a Wi Fi router in conjunction with a repeater unit. Zen’s mesh broadband solution is called Everyroom and is available for an extra £7.99 per month.

Can I get an email address with Zen Internet?

Yes, Zen Internet customers can get their own dedicated webmail address. You can set this up by logging into your customer portal on Zen Internet’s website.  

Is 10 Mbps fast enough?

10 Mbps is the speed that you’ll experience Zen Internet’s fast ADSL package. While this is the slowest package offered by Zen, it is still fast enough for many smaller households. It’s more than adequate for a range of common online activities including social media use, online shopping, light online gaming, streaming music and even streaming video in HD.

What are Zen Internet’s connection fees?

Zen Internet charges a £19.99 activation fee for fast and superfast connections, and a £29.99 activation fee for ultrafast connections. 

Updated on 9 May, 2022

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