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Lycamobile is a great network provider to choose from if you plan to make a lot of international calls and enjoy travelling. It´s also a great provider if you want unlimited data, calls and text without a contract that will tie you down for a long time. So if you are an ex-pat or international student living in the UK, Lycamobiles bundles and deals may be a great choice for you.
Last update: August 2022

In this article, we will cover Lycamobile´s coverage, Lycamobiles download speeds, Lycamobile Plans and even customer reviews.

Your guide to Lycamobile

Lycamobile is a British mobile broadband provider that is currently operating in 60 countries. They´re known for their sim-only/pay-as-you-go plans and international bundles making them a popular choice amount citizens of the UK.

Lycamobile UK and international coverage

Lycamobile uses the O2 mobile network infrastructure in the UK. Using this network allows Lycamobile to have 99% coverage of the whole UK. With 5G being available in 164 UK cities and towns. If you get Lycamobile 5G in your area, Lycambile will provide you with a free 5G SIM card (note that you will still need a 5G ready phone. In terms of international coverage, Lycamobile operates in 60 different countries under different partner networks making it a good provider for those with wanderlust in the UK. Lycamobile has coverage in the following countries:

Lycamobile International Coverage
Country Year Established Partner network
Australia 2010 Telstra
Austria 2013 A1 Telekom
Belgium 2007 Telenet
Denmark 2010 TDC
France 2011 Bouygues Telecom
Germany 2011 Vodafone
Ireland 2012 3
Italy 2009 Vodafone
Netherlands 2006 KPN
North Macedonia 2016 one.Vip
Norway 2009 Telia
Poland 2011 Plus
Portugal 2012 Vodafone
Romania 2015 Telekom
Russia 2019 Tele2 Russia
South Africa 2017 Cell C
Spain 2010 Movistar
Sweden 2009 Telenor
Switzerland 2008 Swisscom
Tunisia 2015 Tunisie Télécom
Ukraine 2017 3mob
Uganda 2020 Tangerine Ltd
United Kingdom 2010 O2
United States 2013 T-Mobile

Lycamobile speeds

Grpahic of top mobile providers coverage in UKLycamobile offers 4G and 5G plans allowing customers to choose from a variety of different speeds that suit their individual needs. Lycamobile 5G speeds are a good choice for those who use their phone for online gaming. With 5G download speeds of 111Mbps and upload speeds of 9.3Mbps. Regarding 4G speeds, Lycamobile is rated slower than the top 5 mobile broadband providers in the UK. The four major UK networks are EE, O2, Three and Vodafone. Due to the previously mentioned fact that Lycamobile uses O2´s network and the fact that O2 is the slowest 4G provider of the 4, you can expect that the same goes for Lycamobile. With average speeds around 17.1 Mbps and its average upload speeds around 5.4 Mbps, Lycamobile is certainly not winning any of these broadband races.

Lycamobile pros and cons

  • Short-term plans
  • 100GB data option
  • Inclusive international calls

  • No WiFi Calling or VoLTE
  • Limited to EU roaming

Lycamobile plans

Lycamobile plans are all SIM-only. These SIM-only plans are only available on a pay-as-you-go basis. The plans range in data usage, call plans, international usage, etc, enabling you to individualize it to your specific mobile needs. Another bonus is that these pay-as-you-go plans won’t tie you down with a long-term contract. So if you´re looking for flexibility within your phone contract Lycamobile would be a great choice. Not to mention that Lycamobile has competitive prices making it an affordable option as well.

Lycamobile pay-as-you plans

Lycamibile´s pay-as-you-go plans are an excellent option for those who do not want to commit to a long-term contract. Lycamobiles’ pay-as-you-go plans can be found listed below.

Lycamobile Pay-As-You-Go Plans
Plan Monthly Data UK mins/texts International mins EU Roaming Monthly Price
National Plus 15GB Unlimited 100 mins £5
UK Super Plan Extra 30GB Unlimited 101 mins £7.5
National Plan Extra 25GB Unlimited 102 mins £6
UK Plan Mega Plus 100GB Unlimited 103 mins £10

Lycamobile bundles: What kind of bundles do they offer?

Lycamobile UK has many different bundles to offer to UK consumers. Most of these include different deals on UK minutes and texts, data, EU roaming and International minutes. Below you will find a selection of bundles currently available with Lycamobile UK.

Lycamobile Monthly Bundles

Lycamobile UK has two main monthly bundles. The Go Unlimited tariff and the Go Unlimited Plus tariff, the main difference being that the Go Unlimited Plus has unlimited international minutes while the Go Unlimited includes only 100 international minutes. The price also differs slightly with the Go Unlimited Plus being £5 more expensive at £30 per month and includes unlimited data. The Go Unlimited tariff is £25. And for a nice welcome gift, both tariffs are 50% off for new customers at the time of writing.

Lycamobile Monthly Bundles
Plan UK Mins UK Texts International Min EU Roaming Data Price per month
Go Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 100 Yes Unlimited £ 25.00
Go Unlimited Plus Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Unlimited £ 30.00

Basic National Bundle

Lycamobile UK has a National Plus tariff that should suit most customers’ needs, it is £10 a month which includes unlimited UK minutes, unlimited UK texts, 100 international minutes, unlimited Lyca to Lyca calls, unlimited Lyca to Lyca texts and EU roaming as well. Right now it is 50% off on the first month for new customers.

Lycamobile´s National Bundles
Plan UK Mins UK Texts International Min EU Roaming Data Lyca to Lyca Price per month
National Plus Unlimited Unlimited 100 Yes 10GB Unlimited calls and texts £ 10.00

Lycamobile International Bundles

Lycamobile UK also offers some dedicated packages for regions like Eastern Europe and South Asia, among others. The carrier also provides competitive pay-as-you-go rates to both landlines and mobile phone deals.

Lycamobile International Bundles
Plan UK Mins UK Texts International Min EU Roaming Data Price per month
ALL IN ONE 10</td>

Unlimited Unlimited 500 Yes 6GB £ 10.00
LYCA GLOBE Unlimited Lyca to Lyca Unlimited Lyca to Lyca 3000 + 1000 to India YES NA £ 10.00

Lycamobile Inclusive International Minutes

Two of Lycamobile UK’s bundles include unlimited international minutes. The Lycamobile UK “All in One Plus 15” and the Lycamobile UK “All in One Plus 20”. A great choice for those with family, friends or business abroad.

Lycamobile´s International Minutes Plans
Plan UK Mins UK Texts International Min EU Roaming Data Price per month
ALL IN ONE PLUS 15 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes 15GB £ 15.00
ALL IN ONE PLUS 20 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes 20GB £ 20.00

Bundle Codes: What is a Lycamobile bundle code?

A Lycamobile UK bundle code is a feature on Lycamobile that allows you to select which bundle you want to be on. Basically, it’s a code you can dial or text on your mobile to select the deal you want.

Which plan is right for me

The perfect plan is ofcourse dependant on the person. However, Lycamobile is pretty good for finding plans that can suit the needs of diverse groups. Here are some of our suggestions based on personas.

Which Lycamobile Plan is Right For You
Personas Ideal Lycamobile Package
For travellers who don´t need a lot of data All in one 20
For people with families in India Lyca Globe Pack
For people on a budget and don´t travel outside the UK much National Plus
For travellers who need a lot of data and mins/texts Go Unlimited Plus

Lycamobile sim card

Lycamobile: How to top up your SIM

There are a few different ways to top up your SIM card with Lycamobile, such as online, with vouchers, Auto-Top Up or through Customer service. In order to top up your account and access Auto Top-Up, you can register your details with Lycamobile and subscribe to “My Lycamobile” and the Auto Top-Up Facility. This means your card will automatically be charged each month for your Lycamobile plan and you will not have to do it automatically in the future. Alternatively, you can register your details with Lycamobile and contact the Customer Services Department.

Online Lycamobile top up

Lycamobile has a great online top-up system that´s great for people on a go and needed more data asap! Follow the steps below to top up your Lycamobile plan.

  1. Enter your mobile number in the Lycamobile webpage
  2. Next you´ll need to select how much money you want to top off your plan with.
  3. If you want to turn on the auto top-up mode you can click the button that says ´off´.
  4. Press the green ´continue´ button to complete your top-off purchase.

Lycamobile top up vouchers

You can buy a Top-Up Voucher at any retail outlet that sells Lycamobile products and activate the PIN code by following the instructions on the Top-Up Voucher. You can also activate the PIN code for the voucher online using Lycamobiles Online Top-Services.

Lycamobile customer service

According to Trustpilot, Lycamobile scores 4.6/5 stars in terms of customer service which is categorized as ¨ excellent ¨. This score is based on 12,018 reviews in total which is a big enough sample size to get a good overall picture. That picture is that Lycamobile has good customer service.

How do I contact Lycamobile customer service

Lycamobile has a multilingual team operating from 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Saturday to handle everything related to customer service.

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Lycamobile Customer Contacts
Point of Contact Contact information
Lycamobile Customers Dial 322 from Lyca Mobile Charge
UK netwrok phone 0207 132 0322
Abroad phone 44 207 132 0322

Lycamobile customer reviews

However, there are both good and bad reviews on Trustpilot that potential customers should be aware of.

A very helpful agent
I contacted Lyca mobile and spoke to one of their agents called Joyce (I.D. 30144) and I found her to be very helpful and courteous. My problem was quickly solved. Thanks.
-John (July, 09 2022)

Fails to connect when abroad. Poor service
Fails to connect when abroad. In Mexico, I lost access to my internet accounts because I couldn’t receive any SMS to log in. They also give you longwinded instructions on how to connect that don’t work. When you have a support ticket registered with them they never get back to you after the initial online chat.
-Bob (July 06, 2022)

How do I make a complaint to Lycamobile?

There are four stages you can go through when making a complaint with Lycamobile.

  1. First, contact Lycamobile´s Customer Care team who will handle your query and provide a resolution. To do so Call 322 from any Lyca Mobile prepaid SIM (Free) or 020 7132 0322 from another phone (for call charges, contact your network provider), 9 am to 6 pm.You can also use webchat on Lycamobiles website from 9 am to 6 pm or email
  2. If you’re not happy with the resolution from stage 1 you can ask to escalate your complaint to the Customer Services Team Leader. They’ll try to resolve your issue by coordinating with the technical support teams. If you’re satisfied with this resolution, your complaint will then be solved and closed.
  3. If you’re not satisfied with the solution provided by the Team Leader in stage 2, you can make a formal complaint to Lycamobile´s Complaints Department by sending an email to
  4. If you’re not satisfied with the final resolution proposed by our Complaints Department, you have the right to refer your complaint to an Alternative Dispute Resolution entity such as Communications Ombudsman or Communications and Services Adjudication Scheme – CISAS. CISAS and Communications Ombudsman is independent of Lyca Mobile and you can use it at no cost. Check out Broadband Plans guide on Communications Ombudsman for further information.

How do I cancel my Lycamobile plan?

Canceling your mobile plan with Lycamobile can be done in 4 easy short steps:

  1. First, log into your Lycamobile account.
  2. Second, go to the ‘Overview’ area.
  3. Third, click on ‘Bundle Details’ to expand.
  4. Fourth, select ‘Cancel Renewal’.


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📶 What network is Lycamobile with?

Lycamobile uses O2´s network infrastructure within the UK. Outside of the UK, Lycamobile has partnered with different network providers to provide their clients with international plans.

5️⃣ Does Lycamobile have 5G?

Lycamobile offers clients 5G anywhere that O2 offers 5G. Thus, Lycamobile has 5G coverage in 50% of the UK.

📊 How much is data on Lycamobile?

Lycamobile offers anywhere from 6 GBs to Unlimited GBs of Data.

👀 How do I check my internet balance on Lycamobile?

To check your Lycamobile credit balance Dial *137#.

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