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Free service

Free service

KCOM is the only broadband provider in the Hull area, offering Internet connectivity packages for home and business use. Starting at speeds of 30Mbps, all the way to 900Mbps. KCOM speeds are comparable to other UK service providers, with slightly higher prices as it’s the only provider in the region.
Last update: August 2022

It’s rated by users as average for customer service. Only contract packages are available, with periods of 18 months for residential users and 12 months for businesses. They offer a decent choice, with about 12 packages available, combining business and residential offers. A modern router is provided free of charge and there are no set-up fees. You don’t need a landline to get a KCOM connection – it’s an all-fibre service. Standalone phone services are also available, with graded packages from local calls to national and international.

Name KCOM Group Ltd.
Launched 1904
Nature of Business Telecommunications
Website https://www.kcom.com
Log in Log into your KCOM account here

Why choose KCOM broadband?

KCOM is the only broadband service provider available in the Hull region. It offers a variety of packages for home and business use, with better than average speeds. It’s a fibre service, not requiring a landline.

What’s good about KCOM broadband?

KCOM is a trusted, well-established UK communications service provider of the latest digital broadband and other communications solutions for residents and businesses in Hull. It also reaches surrounding areas including Beverley, Hessle, Cottingham, and Willerby, making up for the lack of BT landlines in the area. The provider specialises in creating more value in the ways people connect and interact:

  • Solutions tailored to evolving customer needs.
  • Pricing is transparent.
  • Your own exclusive fibre connection.
  • Some of the fastest speeds in the UK.
  • Locally-based service teams for swift issue resolution.

An award-winning company, KCOM aims to make as low an impact on the environment as possible. It is fully compliant with the ISO14001 standard set by the UK government Environmental Agency.

What are the drawbacks of KCOM?

Being exclusive to the Hull region, you won’t be able to use the provider elsewhere in the UK. Reviews report that:

  • There can sometimes be limited router availability.
  • Some packages cost more per month than other providers.
  • Upload speeds are not symmetrical.
  • It can sometimes be unreliable.

How do KCOM prices compare to other broadband providers?

While the speeds are often faster than those of other providers, its pricing can be a little on the high side, compared to average packages from BT or Sky.

Comparison of nearest equivalent broadband packages

Provider Package Speed Price
KCOM Full Fibre 100 100Mbps £39.99/month
BT Full Fibre 100 150Mbps £34.99/month
Sky Ultrafast Plus 145Mbps £35/month

However, this is something of a moot point, as Hull residents are not able to access other services, such as BT, Virgin Media or Sky (Openreach). By the same token, those who don’t live in the area don’t have access to the provider.

KCOM Broadband Only Packages and Deals

KCOM offers a wide range of packages and deals for home and business use. Almost all provide unlimited data, and they require a 12- or 18-month contract.

What broadband packages does KCOM offer?

There’s a choice of packages for residential and business use, ranging from 30Mbps speed to 900Mbps. They also all include a KCOM webmail service; you’ll get login details to access your email on the user site.

Residential Broadband Packages

Package Monthly Cost Contract Length Download Speed Upload Speed Fair Use Policy Limit Included Benefits
Full Fibre Lite £29.99 18 months 30Mbps 5Mbps Not applied Router included on loan / Unlimited data
Full Fibre 50 £34.99 18 months 50Mbps 15Mbps Not applied Router included on loan / Unlimited data
Full Fibre 100 £39.99 18 months 100Mbps 30Mbps Not applied Router included on loan / Unlimited data
Full Fibre 400 £54.99 18 months 400Mbps 80Mbps Not applied Router included on loan / Unlimited data
Full Fibre 900 £69.99 18 months 900Mbps 180Mbps Not applied Router included on loan / Unlimited data

Business Broadband Packages

Package Monthly Cost Contract Length Download Speed</tdh

Upload Speed Fair Use Policy Limit Included Benefits
Lightstream Basic £52.00 12 months 75Mbps 20Mbps 150GB monthly download allowance Router included on loan / Free local, national and mobile calls.
Lightstream Basic Unlimited £55.00 12 months 75Mbps 20Mbps Not applied Router included on loan / Free local, national and mobile calls.
Lightstream Ultra £65.00 12 months 400Mbps 200Mbps Not applied Router included on loan / Free local, national and mobile calls.
Lightstream Hyper £85.00 12 months 750Mbps 375Mbps Not applied Router included on loan / Free local, national and mobile calls.
Lightstream Giga £119.00 12 months 900Mbps 500Mbps Not applied Router included on loan / Free local, national and mobile calls.

What KCOM broadband speeds can I get?

You can get speeds at anything from 30Mbps to 900Mbps. Graded packages allow you to choose the speed (and price) based on your particular personal or business needs. If you simply need to access email and browse for news online, a lower level package will be fine. On the other hand, if you want to stream and download, you can get a very high speed package. You can see the full list of packages above. There’s a KCOM speed test on its website for you to check how long it would take to download various sized items.

Does KCOM offer no-contract deals?

Unfortunately, the provider currently doesn’t offer no-contract deals. All KCOM connectivity packages are subject to a 18-month contract for residential use, and a 12-month contract for businesses.

What equipment do I get when I sign-up?

You’ll get a Fibre-to-Wi-Fi router with every KCOM package. This will usually be a Lighthub-A router, with the following standard features:

  • 4 Ethernet ports
  • USB
  • Gigabit WAN port
  • n and ac standard Wi-Fi
  • Repositioned antennae to boost performance

Is the KCOM router free?

Yes, the router is free, and there are no other set-up fees either.

Does KCOM broadband offer broadband + TV packages?

Unfortunately, The provider doesn’t offer any broadband and TV combinations packages. However, with its higher than average speeds, you’ll have no problem watching any streaming services you like.

KCOM broadband & phone packages and deals

KCOM bundles monthly line rentals with its broadband packages at no extra cost. You can also get standalone phone packages, either pay as you go or contract.

What are KCOM’s broadband and phone deals?

All residential broadband packages include Pay-As-You-Go landline calls, some free, some at a nominal fee. The package prices include a monthly line rental.

What call packages does KCOM offer?

You can take one of the following standalone phone packages:

Package Monthly Cost Contract Length Package Includes
PAYG £11.99 phone only 18 months Free local calls
Standard call charges otherwise
UK Landlines £15.99 phone only 18 months Monthly line rental
Unlimited local calls
UK Landlines + Mobile £19.99 phone only 18 months Monthly line rental
Unlimited local calls
Unlimited UK mobile calls
All Inclusive £26.99 phone only 18 months Monthly line rental
Free UK calls 24/7, incl. 0845 and 0870 numbers
International 1000 £19.99 phone only 18 months Monthly line rental
Unlimited UK mobile calls
1000 anytime minutes to 45 countries

What are KCOM call prices?

If you don’t take one of the above standalone phone packages that include free calls, the standard call prices are as follows:

KCOM Local 15p per minute
KCOM Local Adjacent 15p per minute
National UK Numbers 15p per minute
UK Mobiles (MB01, MB03-17) 18p per minute
UK Mobiles (MB02) 30p per minute

What are KCOM international call prices?

KCOM divides international call prices into regional bands, to which countries are allocated. There are multiple international charge bands, with the cheapest band costing around £18 per minute during the daytime, about £17.50 in the evening and about £16 on weekends, VAT inclusive. At the upper end of the band scale, daytime calls cost around £184 per minute, evening calls around £180 and weekend calls about £175.

KCOM coverage: Can I get KCOM in my area? How fast is it?

You’ll be able to get KCOM in your area anywhere in Hull and its surrounding regions. Speeds are about the same as most other UK service providers, with asymmetrical download and upload speeds.

Can I get KCOM broadband deals in my area?

If you live in Hull and the surrounding areas you can take advantage of all the the provider’s broadband deals available.

How fast is KCOM vs competitors?

KCOM is rated on a par with most major UK service providers. Its speed matches those of ISPs like Virgin Media, BT or PlusNet.

Average KCOM broadband speeds

KCOM average broadband speeds are dependent on the package you choose. The speed range from 30Mbps for the cheapest residential package, to 900Mbps packages available for home uses and businesses. These are all average rather than guaranteed speeds.

Does KCOM offer a minimum speed guarantee?

No, KCOM doesn’t offer a minimum speed guarantee, and stresses that its quoted speeds are averages only. However, it does offer free cancellation if your actual speed is significantly below the advertised speed for your package. Should this be the case, contact KCOM technical support.

Internet cable router

KCOM customer feedback: Is it any good?

The customer service is generally rated as slightly below par by its users, and scores an average of 2.4/5 on Trustpilot. It’s distinguished by having a vulnerable customer support team to assist such customers.

Customer reviews are mixed. Some praise the service: “I’ve always been happy with KCOM’s Lightstream – the technology is great and I’ve found their customer service good too.” Others differ, with comments such as: “Poor service, constant interruptions to internet connection & unbelievably you can only report a problem during office hours.”

KCOM broadband customer service

The customer service is available 24/7. You can chat to them live online on the KCOM website or call one of the phone numbers listed below. Reports rate KCOM’s service support as average. Email support is also available, with a stated turnaround of two days. KCOM also has a dedicated support team for vulnerable customers. It caters for a wide range of life challenges. For instance, you can register to receive audio, large-print or braille bills.

KCOM contact numbers

You can use the following numbers for contact:

  • Customer Service & Sales: 01482 602555
  • Tech Support: 01482 606101
  • Vulnerable customers & NHS employees: 01482 602168
  • Landline Faults: 01482 602151
  • Paying Your Bill: 01482 604706

Can I leave KCOM Broadband early? Are there any cancellation fees?

Yes, you can cancel your KCOM account. You’ll need to give 30 days’ notice, and you’ll be liable for an early termination fee – unless you’re a legacy mobile customer. There is also no charge to cancel a Full Fibre Flex contract. All other contract cancellations are subject to a fee. This is calculated by taking your monthly cost, less VAT and admin charges, multiplied by the number of months remaining on your contract.

KCOM router and installation

You’ll get a simple yet powerful plug and play router with your broadband package. It will already have been set up with all the necessary credentials for you to connect.

KCOM router

With every KCOM package you’ll get a free Lighthub-A router. This is a standard-level modern router, powered either by Zyxel XMG3927-B Series Dual-Band Wireless AC/N G.fast Gateway technology or using the Technicolor DGA2231 version. They are all certified and offer four Ethernet connections.

KCOM broadband setup

The provider’s broadband setup is extremely simple. It’s a plug-and-play system, where all you have to do is connect your router to a power source. All the necessary details and settings will have already been set up and you should enjoy immediate connectivity. The installation agent should take care of all of that anyway. You’ll also get a KCOM login so you can customise your router settings if you know how to do that. You can use this login to access the user area of the KCOM website, where you can manage your service too, including accessing your KCOM Webmail. If you need any kind of support, you can call the KCOM contact numbers or use the live chat service.

Is there a KCOM broadband installation fee?

Yes, you will have to pay a small installation fee, which is currently around £25. There are no other set-up fees applicable.

What’s the KCOM broadband installation time?

It usually takes 7-14 days for your broadband to be installed from the date that you order. You can keep track of the progress of your order by calling the KCOM support team.

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Where is KCOM broadband available?

KCOM is only available in Hull and the areas surrounding the city. This includes Hessle, Beverley, Willerby and Cottingham. It's also the only broadband service in the region, so if you're moving there, KCOM will be your de facto service provider.

Can I get KCOM broadband without a landline?

Yes, a landline isn’t necessary to enjoy KCOM broadband. The service doesn't rely on traditional landlines, using the latest fibre technology for its connectivity, including last-mile connections.

Is KCOM part of BT?

KCOM is not part of BT, but the two providers have a strategic agreement that allows KCOM to extend its network coverage by accessing the national BT network.

Has KCOM been sold?

KCOM was sold to MEIF 6 Fibre Limited in 2019. This is a division of the Macquarie Group, an Australian stock exchange listed global financial services company.

Updated on 9 May, 2022

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