Our Methodology to Rank Suppliers

At BroadBand Plans, our goal is that people have full control over their subscriptions and are able to easily switch between suppliers based on changing needs or preferences. We want to make it easy for you to switch, change, or cancel your broadband subscriptions.

Our methodology to rank suppliers

  • What are the types of contracts they offer? What is the quality and breadth of each suppliers offerings? How do their offerings stack up when compared to the competition
  • Which suppliers will we partner with?
  • Why and how do we rank suppliers? What goes into our ranking?
  • How do we build our price list?

What types of contracts do we offer?

At Broadband Plans , we want to absolve you from all of your administrative burdens, and we understand that internet, cell phone, and cable can be one of the most complicated and frustrating out of all of your subscriptions. It’s also one of the most important! In this era of connectivity, your Broadband connection is of ever more importance. We know everyone has a busy life, so we want to take the form filling and categorising off your plate. To that end, we put forth information on broadband providers in the market and types of broadband they provide, including, but not limited to:

  • Fibre broadband
  • Satellite broadband
  • Broadband cable
  • Full Fibre broadband
  • No contract broadband
  • 5G home broadband
  • 4G home broadband
  • Broadband without landline
  • and so much more!

Which suppliers do we partners with?

Our goal is to make navigating the broadband market as simple as possible. We’ve selected the best partners available for each identified customer need such as “cable, TV and phone packages”, “broadband speed”, “excellent customer service”, etc. to make it so that our product offering isn’t overcrowded; offering all suppliers that are available in the market. The “best” suppliers we have choose are those that we believe are those that go above and beyond in these fields those that are reliable. We take consumer reviews seriously and have incorporated them as such within many of our supplier pages.

Broadband Plans references and offers comparison tools for many suppliers. Our articles provide objective content independent of all ongoing partnerships. Nevertheless, we will mention our partners first since they are the only one we can switch you to.

We match our users to our suppliers who we’ve chosen as partners, and they compensate us through a commission based model for the initial subscription or transfer of a broadband contract. We are thus the intermediary for these partners that trust us with the management of admin of their future clients’ tasks. Our business model is receiving compensation for each contract that is signed between the customer and supplier, this is what enables us to provide our services 100% free of charge for our customers and sustain our growth as a young company.

How and why do we rank the different suppliers?

We at Broadband Plans offer comparison tools that readers can utilise to compare suppliers. We do our best to provide an objective view of suppliers. Note that we are only able to switch you to suppliers that we partner with.

How do we build our price list?

We detail the method at which we display prices on our sites. We update our supplier prices on a routine basis in order to keep prices as up to date as possible. When sourcing price information from suppliers, we use the same zip code so that it is an apples to apples comparison. With that in mind, please note that the price at which you will be able to obtain Broadband will likely vary from the prices we’ve provided, given you that you live in a different zip code. On all of our price lists, we outline the zip code used in the footnotes.

Prices can change regularly, this is why we update prices as often as possible to make sure that you have the most up to date infromation.

Also, as mentioned earlier, prices for Broadband could vary from one city to the other.

Broadband Plan’s service is free for all of our customers. We hope you enjoy the information we’ve provided for you so that you are well informed of everything Broadband – Call us to make your switch today!


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Updated on 30 Jun, 2022

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